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16z ell treatifeofthe Sabboth. Ifraelites in thewìldernel e,'Exod.t 6.and thattherefore in this commonpromulgatingof the Law,they fhould efpccially rememberthis,which is not newlygiuen, as are the reif, but ratherrenued as beinggiuenout before. True itis,thatbefore this folemnepublifh- ìngofthc lawns mount Sinai,this,and all other the commaundements were writtenin r the heartsofourforefathers,aswemay feein thebookeofGenefjs. For the firftwee reade 7fieratriarker how the Lord faid vetoAbraham, Gen. r 7. I amGodallfuffacient,walke before me, and be raIa.,fG v ri ht. Concerning thefecond Gen, a.19.Rachelis fatdtoftealeherfathersldöls. Ge-- Ul wof od p g g 3 n Weis 3 5.2 Jacob refonnethhis houfehold,and cleanfethitfroin idolatrie. For the third,we 3 may fee how religious theywere in :wearing. Concerning the fift, what authoritieexer- é cited Ìacob towards his children? what duties yeelded they to him both in lifeand death? 6 How they hatedmurther,it is manifeft in that h{ftorie. Both fofephscontinencie, and the punifhment threatned toAbinielech declare, how hainous a thing adulterie was veto S them. Concerning theft, Laban his quarrellingwith Iacob, andlofephhis accufingof the 9 brethren,doe thew that it was a thing vnlawfull. Laftly, Abimelech the King repprehen- dethboth Abraham, Ifaac,Genef.s6. for bearing falfe witneffe in denying their wiues. Thus wefeewhat efñcacie is couched in this preface, in that itfheweth both by theprecept,and pradtife giuen and yeelded ofour firft fathers, how this conimaunde- ,, ment alone,was giuen inexpreffe words : asalto that this oneprecept is theIchoole of all the othercommandemetits. But to whatend? to kepe it asceremonial)? No,to fanfifie it moral); for theend of theSabboth confiffeth inthefetwo things : fiat inthemoral) fecondly, in the figuratiue,ceremoniall,orfhadowifh obferuationofit : as wee take the Aceremonie is fhadowhere for a figure,becaufe a ceremonie is more than a fhadow. That Icall'morall, mare than a which cloth informeinens manners either concerning their religiontoGod, or theirdu- fhadaw. tiesvntoman: thatImeanefiguratiue, whichisaddedforatimesulotnerelpebïtofouie perlons for an helpe to,that which is moron, asDeue.5. t 5. Remember that thon waft afer- kosethe dif -',ant in theland ofEgypt. Howbeit, that this firft moron ende is here wrderftoad, thefirft ferrate. words dhclare,whereit is faid,fanbbifretheSabbothdayy. For where mention is made of this ppby the lava, ceremonie, itis raid ca keepe, *andnotfanGifie theSabborh. Now what is it tofanfhifie the is giuen teait Sabbath day,butto put itapart fromall other dales for a pecaliarvfe ofGods worfhip? cbriftians,as forotherwise wemutt know, thatall other daiesare fanbfified: fo that to fsnitfieit is to thepolteritieof Bake Adam. ipe it is to more largely-bythe grate of God in the Taft reafon. Inthemeanetimeletvsbrieflyob- fantíifiethe feruethis,that as ourfirfc parents did faros tifie the Sabboth in viewing the creatures of ' Sabbath. God,fortoprailèhim : fowefanftifieitinvfingthe.meanes,which he bads appoyntedfor hisworfhip. So that firftwe vfing the exercifes ofreligion,whereby wemay be fanátified, and then ioyningwith themtheSpiritual'vfe ofthe creatures,whereby wemay be furthe- red inour fanbhtfication,fhouldafter vfe theexercifes of loue,whereby weemay thew that weeare fandìifed. Our firft fathers needed not ordinarily theminiftrieofthe word : but had thegreat ookes of Godsworkes. Webane needeofthe word both publikeandpri. uate,and thereforeMIA learnt it,that having learned it, wee might thebetter exercifethe duties of loue: fo then,that which was firfttoAdam,is now thelait tovs,to wit,the behol- dingofGod in his creatures,and thepraifing ofhim for thefame. In the Pfahne9e .which wasappoynted to be ftingoftime Churchon the Sabboth, is let down as the chiefeltvfe thereof,the tinging of Gods mercie, thefhewing of his righteousiadgements, in rewar- dingthegodlie,thoughaffli&ed, inpunifhing the vngodly, though here they bee aduan- ced,as alto in learning toknowGod in hisworfhip and inhis workes. Againe,Pfal.9ç.we !hall not feeany ceremonial) vfe ofthe Sabboth : but that it fhould be vied in praying to God,in praifingofGod,and hearingofhis word. This is confirmed, Exod.3 r. t3.Speake unto thechildren ofIfrael, andfay,Not withffandingkeepeye my Sabbaths : for it is afgne be- maneme andyou inyatargeneration,thatye .may know, thatI the Lorddoefanitifleyom As alto Deuteronomie 5.t 2. Keepe the Sabbath day tofanalfie it , as the Lord thy God hach cosce mounded thee. And Ezechiel so.verf:rx. Igame them e v Sabbaths to bee afrgne betmeene me and them, that they might knowe, that I am the Lorde that fanElrfe them.' In which places, as the reafou isadtoynedof keeping the,Sabboth : fò wee muffvnderftand, that where