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170 e treatifeofthe Sabboth. atfemblies euentovs, to whomtheybeeas needefull as to theIewes. For though it bent nowneceffarie, norrequired , that wee fhould goevp to Ierufalem to woríhipafter the manner of theIewes ; yet betidesour privatehoufes, wherein wemay worfhipthe Lorde, weehaueneede ofone publike and common place to meete in : whereunto theLorde in hisGofpell bath made this proinife,that where two orthree (hall begathered in his name, hewill be in themiddett of them. Thisalfo is commendedvnto vs by the example ofthe holyApofles, whoinette together , andbetides their feuerall honksit is Paid, Abl.z.46. 'Theycontinued rcithone accord in the',Temple : fo that they had one place,where theWord, the Sacraments, Prayer, &c.werevied. And though we nowhaue not the fame offerings, places,and facrifceswhich theIewes had ; yetweeham thefe things moreeffedtually then. they and thoughweehaue not their Sabbothi, yet weebanea Sabboth. The wordes E- rb, inter fay.5 8.x 3. bethefe : If thou turne away thy foote from the Sabboth , from doing thy wei on prttationofS. mineholyday, andcall theSabboth adelight,tocnnfecrate it,as gloriousto the Lord,ánd'haltho- .Ayfar3 nowhim, not doing thine mane wayes , nor feekine thine ownewill, nor f ea sngla'nayne seordo 14. 7henfhalt thou delight in the Lord,and Iwilpcáufe thee tomount vponthe high placesof the earth, &c. This is fpoken tothe prelent eftateof the lewes, as then theywere, andnot properly tothe Gentiles, but as theymay feetheir eftate in the Iewes, in which refpe& it maybe profitably appliedand gatheredto theGentiles, but euident it is,thathereproper- lyit was fpoken to the Iewes. For inthis place the Prophet tharpely reprehended' them, becaufethey kept nottheir faftingsand holiedayesaright. Howbeit, they didnot fliche to complain amongthemfeiues, thatthey had fatted,that they humbledtheinlehics , and vfed all the meaues which their fathers beforethemhad done : but allinvaine,in that they feltnot thelikeeffefs, which theirfathers did. Wherefore the Lorde byhisProphetan+ fwereth them inthis fort: Trueit is, that yefaft indeed,buttherewithall yelieandknead! inyour Gnnes: yeefait, butwithout repentance : and fo farreareyee from trueforfaking of your fins,thatonyour fattingdaies,howfoeuerlike hypocritesyevie the outward aili- on, yeexercife cruettie, oppreflion, debateand([rife : anddoe yelooke,that this holy by- pocrilie fhouldbeacceptable untome? No. Ifye will pleafeme with yourfatting, repent yeofyour finnes, flew forthyour by thefruitesof loue, in exercifing the worksof metric and companion : which things when I (hall beholde in you with anvpright heart, then Iwillacceptyour offering, andbe pleafedwith your falling. Againe,doe notthinke that I willTooke vpon your holidaies, fo longasye vfethem but vpon cultomeand inby pocrifie, making them vnprofitable formyworfhip, and yourfaluation and repentance, vntill fuch timeas yet endeuour a better and moreholyvfe of them, both concerningthe pure honooringof myname, and the furthering of your owne faluation. Behold here(fay they)the Sabboth is abrogated, thenwhich they can affirme nothingmore contrarie out ofthis place. For here is noabrogating of theSabboth,butane4ablilhingofthetruece- lebratingof the Sabboth, with a (harpereprehending of their corruptand prefent eftate. .4114g* And ashefpeakethagainfttheir corruptSabboth, folie taxeth themtor theirhyypocriáll ca fatting : fo thatif theywill haue the Sabboth to be abrogated,inuch more mutt theydriae falling out of thedoores of the,Church,againfl which he ismoltearnelt, and tcllingthem thattheir faits arenot intrued', the Lord fhewech them, withwhat fallingbee is pleated. Againe,fay they,fee,here it is manifetl,that to ceafefrom fine is ourSabbotb,whichwee mutt keepe. I anfwere,it is thefruit oftheSabboth, which wemutt keepe -.and therefore, becaufe wherethemeans arevied without anyeffe&or fruit,there themeansare nothing, theLorde rathervrgeth themmew effehles and keepingof the Sabboth with fruite,then difanulleth the Sabboth. Andit is vfrial in the wordofGod,to vie the caretforthecaufe, and tisefruit forrise tucanes, aswemay feeIam.i .z7.Purereli ionandvndefiledbeforeGod, menthe Fatheris this, tovifit the fatherkffeandseidowes in theiraduerfitie, andto keepehimfelfr vnfpóttedofthe warlde. Whichbriefely is, asif the Apoftle fhould fay, thisis theeffef of true religion, when faith Bothpurely flewit felfe in the workes of loue. Agaipe,Ioh.6. 47.48 Hee that beleeueth in mee, hath'euerlafling life : I am the bread ofLife. Where our Saviour Chritb Iheweth, that the effeól of faith is the eating óf Chr7ft his defh, and /iypocrife. drinking ofhis blood. So that, tovie the meanswithout the effeótishypocrifealfo