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treat ofthe Sabbotb. 167 Prophet, chap.p6.1,2. are tbélê : Thus fayth the Lorde,'keepeìudgement anddoe it:Ace:for my faluation is at handtocome,and my righteoufneffe is to be reuéaled. Blotted is the man that Both this, and the f nneofman which Ìayeth holdón it : bee that /Zeepeth the Sabboth , andpolla- techitnot,andkfepeth his band from doinganyeiill. See, fay they, here is the Sabboth coin- ,.0,,ofEfy' mendedas a reítingfrom finne. Identeit not, but oureontrouerfie is about the-ground a ref,'ind f om of theSabboth. Forwhy Both the Lorde focall on his people by the Prophetsfor kee- Ji 'e ping theSabboth,d crieth fo much againif the breach of the tarne,bue bccau1 it ea efpecialtmeanesof Godhis worihipand their faluation : which being contcinned, they contemned God his worfhip, and theirowne welfare? And bunk in this horrible con- tempt of the holy fchooleof the Lorde,where they fhouid have learned both theirreligi- on towardsGod, andduties to their brethren , they gavea manifett token of caretefnef e in themboth, they areworthily threatned by the Prophet. And concerningthe pure in- 'terpretation of this place, by1eepingtheSabbath , is meant the obferuation cf the firit The t;nei,,teo table, by/eepingtheirhands from doing any mill, isvnderftnode the obedience of the fe- pretoiinaofS cond table: to that thething in this place chieflyvrged, is this,that they Mould keepe theLot 56.x.s Sabbóth, which might nourifh theminthe worfhippeof God , and in duties to their bre- thren. But fay they,the Sabboth is here ieyned with ceremonies, as may appeare in the obieThon. verges following : therefore itisaceremonie. This is no Mund argument. For in thelawAnfvere. isfct dowse themorall law,cvhich teacheth the common dutiesof all Gods people,cohere- inbealto the ceremonies,whicli defcribe the duties peculiarto the Imes: whereupon wee muff notconclude, that therefore the morall law is ceremnoniall. Againe , thefe ceremo- s nies containe not onely certaine truethsof fpiritnalthings,which fliould be accomplifhed in Chtift,but altoof othermeaneswhichfhould fucceede in their places. True it is, that if they ;had onely contained trueths of fpirituall things inChrift, it had beenfömewhat, thatthey affirme : but feting, they haue alto in themluch mearies,which thoughnet in the famemanner,yet morecffAuaily areafterward tobe vfed,thereafon is not good. Where fore we reafonagainft themthus : that, albeitwe hauenot theManner of their facrifices, yet we lianeour facrsfles and nseanesof Gods worfhipfucceeding them. Forthough we banenot, as theyhad, Prieitstooffer for vs ; and inch,h ainefàcrificesasthePrieftesdid offerfor them : yet wehaue the Miniftersofthe word of God, whichcut upturns tonici- entes, by whom the ferretsof Mens hearts aremade manifeft : r . Cor.14,2 y. By theprea- thino of the GofpellandwordofGod: which being mightiein operation, and lbarperthenatwo ed ed fword, enteretb thorough , euen to the diuiding afunder of the fouleand the f irite , and ofthe ioynts and the marrow; andisadifcerner of the thoughts,and intents of thehearts.Heb.4. ,erf.iz. Andwhereby Chrift is asit were frefhly crucified visto vs, and that by fo much themoreprofitably, then if wee wereprefentacche thing it helfe; asbefidethedcfcribing of the manner thereof, the fruiteof it isMore effeaually.preached. Andaria;nely wee mayaffirme, thatthen the dumbe facrifices of theblinde Papifts came in, when this glori- busfacrifice of preachingceafed. Aud where the word is adminiftred in any power and rreech.%ng. ftnceritie, theredoubticffe thepreachingof the lawftriketh vs, and thepreaching of the Gofpell bringethvs to Chrift. Herein is thedifference betweene the Lewes andvs, thatthey in all their Sacraments and facrifices reprefented Chrift, thatwas tocome, and (hewed that their hones inhim fhould be taken away,being yet to come : we manifeltly in our facrifices witneffe, thatbe isalreadiecome,and thatourfinnesinhis 'death arefully pardoned. Befides,to tilde fore- namedfacrifices wehaue the facrifices of prayer and thankefgiuing: whereofthe Prophet fpeaketh, Pfa6141.2. Let my prayer be direEled in thy fight as incenfe, and the lifting vp of mine bands asaneuening faceTice. As alto Pfal, r so.parc. r 4.verf. t oh. OLord, Ì beech thee accept the freeofferingsofmy mouth, and teachme thy iudgements.' Of theftfacrifices is mention,Mala. s .Hof 14.2.Mat.24.Ioh.3.Heb. x 3. i 5. Nowin thatit followeeh,Efa. S 6.7. that theLord Willbring them to hishonfeofprayer: I grant, inthat they liadbut onehook of prayer, which reprefented tothem theChiirch to be one, it was ceremonial) : yet Ìalso confefl'e, that in the fame was this common trueth ; that it fhould bee a mcane to wor- fhip God. Wherefore inthis place the Lorde commaundeth and commended, holie Q. affemblies i