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--r--F--- GRAVE COVNSELS) AND GODLIE OBSERVATIONS: SERVING GENERALLIE TO DIRECT ALL MEN IN THE WAIES OF TRVE godlineffe,butprincipally appliedto inftru h and comfort all afflitedcon- fciencrs. t4ffèólions. E vied this trial( ofhis affebtions, as ofanger, griefe, boy, or filch like,in thismanner : If bythem lie was Madelefie fic to prav,more vnableto doethe good he fhould, leffe carefully toauoide finne ; rriallofa/fct thenhe thought his affcdion carnali and cads, andnot ofGod : tionr but when his anger, loue, griefé, andother affe&ions prouoked himmore to pray, and made him fitter to doe good, then he thought hisaffe&tons tobePent fromGodas a Meilingvntohim. 2 God fhewethvs often in ouraff'e ions, whatwe may doe in our outward aétions. 3 SomelabourMore for knowledge, lciFefor affeaion : fomemore for affeaion, ieOego,tolabour fòr knowledge : fame bufie themfeluesin Church-difcipline, and are (lender lighted infrkoo,eledge , theirpriuie corruptions: fome bediligenttoefpie things inothersabrOad,andnegligent to andlectron. trie themfelues at home: butit is good tomatch both together. .. q Raregood things arepleafant,but byvfe arelefie efteemed: and raremill thingsaré fearefull, butby vfe become Idlegrreuous. This comestopaffe, becaufè we rather bringNatsralla with vs natural( affeélions, y , vy,;and forrow, and feare, than fpirituall meditations, tàons. which areonely of the trueíòy an forrow., ç Wemutt euerlearnt to fulpef'our owneopinion and affeaion, when the cafeany tvberto¡uf thingconcerneth vs. pelt aJ/eaiso,. 6 He Paid, that whenfor fome caufes natural( affeaion deceiued him: yet the ordi- see more tick nanceof caufedhnn todoe duties. o¡àudgemeat, 7 He thought it not goód attablet., be extraordinarieeither in ioyor forrow, vnleffe feíí.r. it werefor fome fpeciall caufe : butratherit were conuenient, privatly toa godly friendor before theLord topowreout our hearts,and afterthe exampleoflofeph to make our affe- l'ionsknówneas little in companie as may be. tilfflictioris. i HE thoughtall afi?i&ions,to beputungs ofhimtoGod from fiothfulnes. Slothfulnes, z Icisamolt certainethingin Gods children, that themore their of li5hions grove, themore. their faithgroweth: the moreSachan f riuethtodrawthem fromGod, shemorethey drawe neere to God: although indeedein feeling theycannot fee fomuch. peeling, 3 ManycanfpeakefairethingsinthecaresofGod ,folongastheybeinafhi&ion:but afterwards theywill fpeakceulli things in, thecaresof heauen and earth. 3 4 He