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i8o treat f ofthe Sabboth. nothingbut herbs. It is added,Let not himwhich eatethnot,iudgehim thateateth, and this is Yhenouicerin veryneceffarie. Forit ismuch incidenceo the yoongones inChrittianitie tojudgeothers, religton tvhoare not fo abffthentas they are. Here is not then the perfon fomuch condemned, as füei WUtg_ the fast Forthoughwe mayiudge hisfrn,and rebukehis errour,yetmuttwe not iudgehis perfon, as thoughGod-werenor ab'e rorecouer him. Now toprouethis, themanofGod bringeth anargument only for confirmationof the d o&trineimmediatly goingbefore,and it is drawnefrom the greater to the lef er. Thisman efleemeth one day aboutanother day, and another mancountetheuerydayalike. Which reafonisthus much ineffeet: Although-there fhouldbe forcefo weakein knowledge,that theyfhouldmikeno difference ofdaies inre- fpeét of theirvfes,whichvndoubtcdly is a great error:yetI would not that for thisrefpeefa. man fhould counthim for no Chriltian,much Idle thenmuffthis bedon toone,that of in_ Ermine eateth herbs,which isa Infoerror then theother. The ftronger opinion is fet in the firft place,the weakerin the)aft. Foras this is the ftronger, one beleeteeth thathe mayeate all thiagr:fo thisis theweaker,another eatethherbes:asthe worke offaith,thiamaneffeémeth one day aboneanother:fo this is the weakenes offaitb,another countetb emery dayalike.Hethat ob_ ferueth thedayfaithPaul,he death irnotwithout knowledgeand iudgement,butobferaeth it tothe Lord: fo thatthe Sabboth dayis the Lordhis day.This is the Strongopinion,I fay,to diftingnifh one dayfromthe refidue,which wasvnknowne totheGentiles, whoalthough theyhad many holydayes through a corrupt imitation ofthe Iewifh oblèruation, which they hadheardof,yetwere they ignorant ofthetrue day. But now hearingofthe Lord his day,fome among them began todoubt ofit,with whom the Apoffle willeth the(banger to deale inloue.Inour dayes we fee.,thatbecaufe there bath binmuch cryingout again(tholy dayes,fomealfawill not Rieketo crieout againft theSabboth. Well,ifa Papift inall other generali points ofdoftrine Shouldbe trulyconuerted votoChrih,and for wantofinftruc- nondoubted, ofthe Sabboth,weare in lone todealewith him,and for a feafon tofupport hisweaknes.Howbeit we mutt retnember,thattheweakcmull not be borne with, asappeareth by theApoftles wordschapter t 5. z. Let entry manpleafebisneighbour in that, that isgoodto edification.So long then as the errourbe ofweaknes,and that it is but an infir-. mitie inthe man, fromwhich bythe knowledge of the trothhe would berid and debut- red,hemuft bebornewith.But ifit proceede ofillufion,obciinacie,and ofaprefraet judge- ment asdeceived by the diucll,then hemuft not beborne with,nonot evennow adayes : nay,ifwebe hereinfaultie,the errour isnot fo tdlerable in vs,as it was in them,inthat they wanted theold andnewTeftament, both which are foabundantly openedvetovs. Butif one trulyrepenting himofhis hones, and faithfully beleeuing in Chrift, (hall through ig- norance beafraidof theSabboth,asof a ferruleceremonie,he is fo farre tobe bornewitb,as bedefrreth to come to thetruth, and ifhe comeonce to beobitinate, he is no longer tobe bornewith. But how proue you that thisis the ftronger opinion toe(teeme one day about anotherday, and that this is theweakerto count all dayes alike ? Ianfwere, the.Apoftles did obferueone day, and commended itvnto vs by theirotvnepraétife, which no doubt theywould not hauedone, had'it been the weakerpart.. Befides it is not vnlike but a late . for obferuingthis daywasalto made bythem,Aét.s5.and thereforeit muft bethe ftronger part.And althoughtheIeaves could not bebrought from their day,yet the Apoftles might haue oneday. Againe, in that the Apoftlewould hone none judged, that ofweaknesthall not obferue the Sabboth,andyet he dot, not only himfelfe judge theGalathians, butalto as being ielous ouer them, hetenet, them thathe feareth theirfalling away, becaufe they obferueddayes,and moneths,and times,and yeeres,itis apparantthat this is the ftronger opinion,efpecially feeingthat Cololf.z. t 6.hefaith, Let noman condemn yole in refpethofsot holydy,orof the Sabbathdayes : that is, ifye will not vle their fcilernneSabboths otheiror- dinanefeatts,yetare ye free, and the Churchmut not judge you. Now,that theApoftles praetifedthis day, iris euidentReuel. r . s o. whereit is called the Lordsday. As an r .Cor. n 6.z.Emeryfirfiday of theweeks:, which inan ancient Greeke topic is called the Lordsday. Moreouer,A&.zo.the Churchkept this day,becaufe in it theLord drew light out ofdark- nelfe,andChrift on thisday rofefroin the deád, and theholy Gholt wasPent in it, where we may call to mindein itour creation, redemption, asad lanétification. And where leis commonly