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4 graue Counfels Calling. Certaine manaffliéted inminde, began, through the temptation ofSaban, Themifliking "Eo,+ to millike Isis calling,and chaungedit,afterward he thought thiscalling and that ofour callingsbovv ona time calling g tobe reat paineinhis legge, and being defirgous to got. fromhis bed daungerous to his tablefor a booke,he couldnot, his legge remaining lore : Then remembring that it was fayd in theScripture,If thyfooteoffend thee, cut itoff; heftràight way laying hiskg on a blocke,and taking ahatchet inhis hand,ftroake offhis legge, notfeelingpause, the veynes being fotorne,lse could not but bleedeto deáth,howbeithedyed verypenitently: 1òdangerous apolicie,and foperilous. a temptation is it,to leaueourcallings as thingsvu lassfull. Meditations z Agodly Gentlewoman fayd, that even inher ordinarielabour, filetatted oft,ofas in tabour. heauenly meditations, as ifallthings ordinarielayd afidethe had giuenher wholeminde toattend vpon the fpirit ofGod,in quietnesof ftudie. She alto laid, thatwe arelike chit- den,who neèdenotonce tobe bidto aske things necefïarie,but twice to be thankful' for mercies receiued. Stfariage. 3 As inmariage,thonghthepartiesmetintheflefb,withoutanyfanéìifiedmeanes,to affure themfelues tobe ioyned of the Lord : yetifGodafterward giue themgrace to hue holly in their meeting, hee fheweth thatnot their corrupt meeting is pardoned,but that now their meeting is bleffed : fo if entring into a callingfor want of gifts and affec- -- Entringintoa tions,webase affuraneeat the &Itofunnamablecalling:yetifGodafterwards fur- vvith- niihvs with ablegifts, and fanftslìe vs with f t aifi ith pure missdes, lice dotis not onely fhewvs that out gifts to dif- outformer finneis pardoned, but alto that he is well pleafed with ourcalling whereunto charge it. heharp fo bletfed vs. 4 No trouble Ihossidhindervom ourcalling, vnlriTe it be in a cafeofineerevngodli- nes:for if for euerytrouble,or for many troubles,a manmayforfake hiscalling,lie thould be out of all,forentry callinghath both lets andtroubles. 5 To onethat askedhis aduice, whether he might auoidetlre doing ofathing where- vnto he was called,becaufe hefelt corruption in himfelfe,he faid:In auoydingfocietieyou fhall couer,butnot cureyourinfirmities,and though you depart frommen,yet you can- not got out ofyour felfe. (haungeof 6 Vnto one that waswillingtdchaungehis featefor thecorruption oftheplacewhere pla`es hee dwelt,he fayd : Wherefoeuer hee purpofedto lineasaChriftian,thecroffewould.fol- low him, becaufethat Civiff would follow him, and becaufeon the. earthare fomegood men and fome quill: but when we cgme to heauen,all would begood,and therefore there thall beno trouble. 7 Hefayd heneuer looked fora better cRate than tlsatwhereinhe was,butoften pre- pared himfelfefor a worfe. S Whenfoeuer we areout ofourplaceand calling,Sathan hath a fit occafionoftemp- tation. Care. Immoderate or r A/A /Here there is an immoderate care ofoutward things, there commonlyis little diflratting ÿ care of inwardgoodtlsings: for ifone issueinward good tlsings,theyfis con- (area. tent the perlons that haue them, that they labour not muchfor outward risings: if they Matth.6. wantthemanddelire them,the carefullfeekingof them bringeth a godly negleíf of out- wardthings, i. Cor.7.30,3r. Cenfures. a TT is a marueilous thing that many will make snort ofa (mall infirmitie in another, although that they fee that the whole courte oftheir life is truly to pleafeGod, than theysnake ofgroffe fins inthemfelnes, notwithftanding they take no tousle at allïntheir life topleafeGod. Conferexce.