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erndgodl o6ferueitioni. than ordinarie. Refides, this isa dangerous temptation :for it will bring you tothis con- ceit,that you (hall reafon thus inyour felfe,thatan extraordinarie crole muff hose anex- traordinarie comfort,andthereforeyoumuff Tooke for Tomewonderfull and Prange con- folation, whereby Satan willmoue you to contemne,or atfeat notfo to regard ordinarie confolations,wlüch haue helpedothers, and may helpe you,andby thismeanes breede in youfuch vnthankfulnes, that before you are aware, an extraordinarieof h%tion shall be fent indeede. r z He thatwill fuffergreat thingsin perfecution,muft fülferfmall things inpeace,and they that will fuffer ofPapifts,muft fuffer ofProteftants. vinger. r His isa good triall,wlsether our angerbefpirituall orcarnalI; ifour anger hinders I notfomeotherholyaófion,butPirresysvptogoodworkes ;ifithindervsnotto praywith libertie ofminde ; if it interrupt not ourmeditations ; ifwee doe notomit the doingofany dutietothe partieoffending vs; ifwe can deale with others without peeuifh- nes,then our angeris fpirituall,and will comfort our confciences. z Hewas euermoP griesed with anger, yetin lone,witls themwhom lie tendredmoP in theLord,andwhohad giuen himmolt credit, byfubmitting themfelues wholy to his ntinifterie. t4ngelr. t TOone,askinghowtheAngel sofGodwatchouervs,heanfwered:weareratherto pray for the experienceof their minifterievoto vs, than either to defcribe it, or prefcrrbeit.Thisisfure, rfwebeGods childrenand walkein his waits,theAngelsofGod pfal.yr, doe watch ouervs,and yet allfee itnot,and whenthey fee it, it is bythe effectof their tni- Heb.r. nilterie : forthough their minifterie becertaine,yet themanifeftatió ofit is extraordinary. tAtheifine. 't A Certaineman beinga Papiff,though not fogroundedas lice delhred tobe, tooke 171,yiew ofthe life of Papilts,if it were as glorious intruth asthey pretended,which when hefound not,he turned himfelfeto the Proteftants, and looking into their comer- fation,he foundhimfèlf not contented,vntil in the end hemet with Familifts,in whom he foftaied himfelfe,that hegrewinto familiaritie with theirdodtrine.Thefirltprinciple that, theytaught him,was,that there was noGod : This boyldmuch in him,fothat he began to adde conclufionsto lais precept on this fort: Ifthere beaGod,he is notfo haft &mcrcifull as they fay : ifthere be noGod,there isneither heauen, norhell ; or iftherebe any, the io esarenotfoeternall,northepainesfocontinuall,asfomehauetaught: Why then doe I fell mycertaine pleafures in this world,forvncertaine pleafures in the world'to come ? This diuelifhillulion fofarrepreuailed,that hee Role anhorfe,for which hewasapprehen- ATrtyi¡ì bro ded,imprifoned, arraigned,and condemned : but, by the prouidenceof God, heconfer- rouea17:.- ringwithagodlyMinif ter,cotifeffedliimfelfeanAtheift,whereu onfutewasmadeandAsshp,adI grauntedfor his reprieuing untill the next afhfe,in hopeof his conuerf,on,in which time, Atdeit,anAbti hewould willinglygraunt all general! truthestaught him,with likingof Isis teachers,but couldnot byanythingbe broughtfromhisAtheifine. Theafliife following drewneere,he is to beexecuted,the place is affigned,theperfonneedes muft beexecuted, who when hee fhouldbe turned from the ladder,cried lb direaly,for Chrifts fake flaymy life : where- upon hee fpakethefe or the like words :Well, let the world faywhat they will,doubtleffe thereis a God,and the fame God is iuft forcuer tohisenemies, and euerlaflingly keepeth Isis mercieswithhis children,now turne me ouer : and fo he made anend of lus fpeecb, and ofhisdayes. a He feared rather Atheifne than Papifine in the Realme: formany hailing efcaped outof thegolfe of fnperftition,are now too farre plunged and fwallowedvpof prophane- nele,thinking either thatthere is noGod,orelfe that he isnot fo fearefulland merciful!, as his threatmngs and promifes commend him to be. B a Calling,