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dndgodly obferuations. 7 comfortin him,whó then is molt readie tofree vsfrom our linne, and tocomfort vs with hisfpirit,whenwearemolt cart downe with our Mines, andmot's feare them. 12 If the healthofbody befuck athing,as is rather with comfort inioyed,than in words our ioy in the tobeexprefted, how great is thepeace ofconfcience and ioy in the holy Glioft, winch haydhoft may be tafted,but cannot bevttered ? va t c.x;tot r3 There areMine Which haue peace neither with God,norwichthemfelues,.asdefbe -e`p"fie' rateheretikes : tome have peace with themfelues, but not with God, as fecure tanners: rì .. R tce. Wilde famehaue peace both ivithGod andWith ehemfelues ,asrepentantCLn(tiaiis. peace. r4 WemuftlearnetopiciethemthatarecaftdoWneingrie feoffpirit,thoughtheybe alto pettifh ; for it is an ealiematter when one teemed/ much to be quiet with God, to be in peacewith men,who oftenhinder our quietneswithGod. Againe,wee littleknow how great their delire is to feelepeace,which when they cannot feele, prefently they are made robearewith impatient : and yet fee this wasinDáuidthe manof God, who found in hiwlelfe this di- impatim,iP °f uerfitie of affeelions,whichwe fo muchwonder at,and (peaceof in the children of God in th Jcke ourdaies,lie divideshinhlelfe as it were into twopares,Pfal.43.s.he thoughthimfelfe tome- timevery ftrong inGod,againe at anothertimefo cati downe, that bee could on no fide lay hold on any comfort in the world :yetmore thenthat, he was tumultuous and fretting within hiwlitlfe; and therefore !carne this,thou that art vnmercifull,to fray thy impatien- cie, behold this thou that art af}lié}ed, to ftay thy griefe, and fay not, oh, Davidindeede was humbled, butI findeanother qualicie in my Idle ; befides,I am pettífls, I ans vncom- fortableand 'nquìet with them,wich whom I hue; for Dauidwas both impatient andpet- tills. Here allo learneofD4uid t'or thy mmdcto waste onGod, for faith deliuereth both fromgriefe and anger,and caufeth comfortable waicing,and not to make toomuchhafte, but to pofíelfc our Mules in patience,vntillGod performe his promiles visto vs. is Irisanvlüalltemptationtoafhiétedconfciences,toperfwadetlhem,aftertomefree deliuerance, that they are not to looke to be deliuered againe, becaufe as theLordbath A f eeterin- been very liberali, fo wee inuit not wearie and make tedious his bountiful) dealingswith (olation for vs: but wee mutt know that thegifcs of God are withoutrepentance,and theLordbath cede roister ' manifold deliuerances in ltore,which is asimpaflible by vfe and often receiuing towade, their after their eften as it Ili is the Lordhimfelfe ould bedeceived : he will lately make an end of his ownwork fair. invs,and that forhis owneglorie,which-as hehatlh appoynted tobe endleliè in our deli uerance,fo the meanes thereunto are altoendleffe : and therefore yetand againe, wee are tolearne againft our vnbeleefe the vnmeafiarable treafureof Gods goodnes inour falua- tion,yea when wee feeme as it were to be in a whirlepit, and to be carried with a violent griefe and gulfe of troubles,wee knownot whither, andare conftrained oftto diueand plunge downe(the waters of afflibtionrunning ouerour head) yet the Lordwill recouer vs,andlet our feete in ftedie places ifwebecalf downe,foweecan but fcraule vp againe ifwebe refilled ofSathan,fowe can butkickeagainft him,if wecan but openour lips and accufe his malice before the Lord,thereis found hope of comfort tobefound of Inns. Cowering infirmities. ClOds children couer many infirmities in others vnder one good gift : the vngodly buriemany good gifts inothers vnder one infirmitie. Confeftion ofnnes. s TAE faid veto one troubled in winde, that he fhouid not much be troubled in light jthings, but that rather ingriefeswe Mould make knowne Mir hearts vntóGod, than deuoure them privately: for ifincarnali forrowes we finde tome cafewhen we make things knowne toour faithful' and inning friends, as to ourparents,or to our brethren, much more are wee to tlhinke itan cafetoour Ipirituall griefes, if wee poivre foorth our griefes into thebofbme of the Lord,who is molt faithful! to conceale,molt lottingto take pitie,and moltable tolhelpe vs inall ourgriefeswhatfoeuer. a He obferued that men would makeknowne many fsnnesand infirmities,and yet re- taint onewhich is the molt fecret, and oftentimes themolt clhiefe; as M°fs had many B 4 reafons