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l.! g graue Counfels Tzp,tohide rearonsof his terginerfation;and yet there was one fecretrearon, and that the greateft, anyoneofour whichhewould not vtter : thenhe obferued thegreatmercieof the Lord, that though ha finnrs.. might hauebeen difpleafed,efpecially after fo longpromifes forhis refutall,yet heerather pardoneth thisone infirniitie of feare,(feekingtocure it,refpeéìing ftil hismanifóld good things befide) than forgettinghis manifold good things wouldpreffe himwith thisone want: and therefore after many rearm-is, the Lord vouchfafeth to handlevery gently his priuie fóre,andto falue it thismanner : Nay Mofes,there is one thingthat thoufearelt moft,and that is thineeuill entertainment withPharaoh,"and,the reuenging ofhis blood whom thoutheddett :but letnot this fray thee,for they areall dead. Thisanfwere teemed to take away the greateft argumentof tergiuerfation,though it was leaft knowne:forpre- fently openthis comfort hee takes hiscalling in hand, wherein allo hee noted, that how fearefull toeuerman is in refpecl of himfelfe, yet when God enabletli, and incourageth him,we fee he (hall beinuincible,asMofes agamlt Pharaohhinifeife. Concupifience. t ONe asking his aduice how hemight bell auoide concupifcence,he laid tohim,that r.z. a continuall examination of our feluesby chelaw; a reuerentand dailymedita- Lion ofthe word; a païnfall walking inour lioneil calling; a holyChaining ofourfelues, 5. and fearingofour felues before our friends; a continuall temperance in diet, fleepe,and 6 apparell;acarefuliwatchingoueroureyes,andotherpartsofourbodies;azealousiea- a Iodicto auoide alloccafions ofperfon, time and place, which might nourilh concupif- a cence a godly frequentingof eribns times and laces which maybreedin vstrue mor- ay,. Y 9 P > > P r y is. tification; together with an humbling ofour felues with the shame of ourfinespaff, as. with thegriefeof fumesprefént,andwithfeareof fumes to come :lalily,a carefull vfing offatting, prayer, and watching, when neede required, (forbee Rill excepted continual! Fafl;ttg fatting:)there are the tneanestomortifieconcupucence,which being wifely,and infame conuenienc timevied with moderate exercifeof the bode if they not preuaile, it is áMariage. likethat God dochcall a man totheholievie ofmariage : howbeit, it is to be obferued that inwatchingwee arenot to prefixecertainefet times, thisday,orthat day, but then to vie it when Godcalleth vs unto it by fitoccafton,without the which,the oftenvfeof there exercifes will breede a wantofreuerence ofthem. Caufegoal. t P-+Here is no greaterenemleto a goodcaufe, thanhethat byeuillmeancsdotli both 1 handleand maintaine it. a He raidthattné muttprofit by this,ifhaving had good caufesin hand,tleybanehad ill fucceffe : becaufe herein it pleafethGodoften to deme that vntovs iuftly, whichmen denie vnto vsvniuftly, eitherfor that hee correEteth thefame finewherein they lingor elfe that theyvfèdnot prayer,and truRed toomuchin themeanes,andnot inGod. ofnaturaltCorruption. t HEobferued thisexperienceinhimfrlfe,that when heewould not doea thing that was good,thenhis owns reafonand the diuellwould eafily teach him anexude: Lordforgirsevs thiscorruption. a He thought bynature all men bePaiSifts, heretickes,adulterers,&c.vntill God re- nuedthem,fo thatifall herefies,Papiftrïe,impietie,were craft among allmen,yetifa man be left ofGod, hebath inhimfelfe íùficient matterand fpawne to breede, remue,and to renue all kindsof finne. Deaire. , E obferued this policieinSathan,thattomake mendefpaire, hee would make them arguethus tI haueno faith in this and thatparticular. Andcontrarily, to frame men toprcfumpvion, lseçwould make menargue thus:Ihaue age- ncrall