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iz grave Counfels raithfotend receiue1rength fo longas it is found, bothtoreIfteuill and accomplìfh good : but 'if it howncedr, decay,and fall as it were out of ioynt,thenwee cannot draw that full strength from the r.IO .5.4 Lord,for ourdefence and strength whichwe werewont. 3 When YheJPirit offaitl he [admefirfttreceiue the íf rtfihfowbe tofeeleourfaithwem (tnecellaril r- comer by the > F y moss], Gal.; ceiue the word.Andalthough ÿfinoké,in refpeáofvs,do fief fhewthat there is fire hidden yet isbe the vnder the ashes, yet therewas fire beforethelmoke came : fo thoughtheword firstmake Jrft"nh.' 1 knowne veto vsour faith, yet lure it is that the fpiritof Godwas giuen vs before, which our faithand the wrou htthismightilyby theword. 4 As hetóathadbueadimmefeghttobeholdtheSerpentin thewilderneswashealed, simile. aswell as he that sawperfe&ly: fo he thatbath but aweake faith in the fonne ofGod,fhall neuerhauehis faluationdenyed,Zach. t 2.1o. Familiie. SO oftenas webeasked of the welfare°fourpeople,wife,or family,we ought to take it as an occafion whereby God ftirrethvsvp to pray for them, to glue thankes for them,and toexamine ourowne heart what nteanes both in prefence,and abfence,we haue vied for their good. z Care in fùperiours and feare in inferiours, cattleagodly gouernment both private andpublike,infamilie,Church,and Common-wealth. Feeling. THoughamanhane knowledge, yethee may want faith ; though he hanefaith,yet j becaufemanyevilscomebetcveene, feelingimmediatlyBothnotalwaiesfollow, nor after feeling ioy,nor after ioypraétife. z We can doebut little goodto any bodie,except we haueafeeling pide andcompaf- finn ofthem. rim to diftin- 3 If any beafflifted inminds for want of feeling,hemuff diftinguifh between Gods g«ifh beimesse fpirit and hisgracesin vs :for hisfpirit may !isminvswhen hisgraces aredead invs,Pfalm.5t. Godsffirtt For as by fbmeextreame ficknes life may bewithin one, yet it cannot be felt of the ficke andhso5tees bodie: lb in some great tentptation,theholyGhuftmaybe invs,and yet we not feelenor simile. findehisprefence. Howbeit, asbybrexchìngnenerfofhortwedí(cernelife :fobytheae- tionsof thefpirit,beit neuer fo little,wemaynudge of the lifeofGod in vs. ¢ Such as forwant of feeling bee loth to pray, muff learne, not to tarrie to pray till theyfinde feeling, but offer diet-id-dues vp into the handsof IefusChrift, and fohum- bling themfelues before him, pray on, and continue in prayer of faith, though not of feeling. g Though wee feele not thefpirituall ioy whichwee fhould feele, yetlet vs not be too much calldowne ; fo that our confcience tell vs,that we arereadie to withdraw fomewhat Vial y`afe from our outwardpleatures, forwant ofthis inward pleafiire ; and thatwee haue not pre.. take heedeYe vented orfinothered out thee f irituallio-esbut are rieued that wehaue themnot and drawnotes= F y s g > naltio0es into waite for the time to feele them: forof allthings we muff beware that wee drawnot into theplace of theirfiead carnall ioyes,and fodriue asit wereinto exilethe workingof Gods spirit in vs Pirated"ioyes. by them. 6 A certaine man complaining that bee was comfortlefle for want of feeling, re- ceiueththisanlìvere : Oh brother bee ofgood comfort, weeholdChrift byfaith, andnot by feeling. Fruitsoffaith. ®Nebeing curteoufly fainted and worthily commended of a gentlewoman, who faid,fhe heard avery goodreport of him :lie anfweredher, the like haue I heard ofyou : but Godmake our after fruits of his1pirit more effeótuallthan theformer, or elfe we (hall not anlwere theglorie ofGod and good opinionof his Saints conceivedofvs. z There are two workings ofGods (piritinvs : the one inferiour, which bringer') but certaine