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24 graue Connielr hisfoule vnderneaththeholy handof God, not butilieto ftand troubling and toilinghis memorie,becautèheknew and had oftenproued,thatthis wasthe beltwayto turneaway this euill. Io Toreade and not tomeditate,isvnfruitfull: to meditateand not to reade,is dange- rousforerrors : to tradeand meditate withoutprayer,ishurtful'. I I The caufewhy ourmeditationsand prayers areno ltronger inthenight, is becaufe weioyne not with meditation the examination of our hearts vpon ourbeds : which if we didin fometruth, it would keepevs from drowfines, and want of renitence in our prayers; as wellasworldly menarekept waking, bythinkingon worldlymatters. Here weare taught byDauids example, when we want themore folemneand belt meanes, to make afupplieby often and fincerevfing offuckprivatemeanesas we can. Minrie,Miners. - v 7Emolt neuerbe fo !flossedattile reprochesof enemies, asat thenot profiting offriends:that is,fuch as be, or ought to be the ioy,crowne,and glove of our minilferie,for whomwe haueprayed, andwith whomwee Isaac trauailedfor theirlàluati- on. For astheftmenalonegiueallthecreditetoourminifterieinweldoing, fo they doe farremore difcreditit by euilldoing, then allothers, atwhofe hands welooke for no filch things.And for thiscaufe wemay not be fomoued to lee thecommon fort of, peopleof- fend,becaufe what marueile is it if theyfaileinduties, whenothers whichare continually taught, dofooftenflip and fall z Minilers fhouldmoftfrequentthofeplaces,whereGod path made their Minifterie mohfruitftdl:they fhouldhereinbelike the couetous man , that where they haue once found the fweetneffe ofgayning of foules, thitherthey fhould bemolt defirous to refort. Thehañeof 3 He feared much the prepoherouszeale and haftie running of youngmen into the yew meu rs Minilterie; becaufe as judgement,foalfoltayedneffe, and moderation,vfe,experience, theM ssfterie. grauitie inorderingaffeótions, and the hauing force mafterie ouercorruption, was need- full inhimthat Ihould teach others. And he obferued theexcreame in our age, to be con- trarie to tIsâtin the 11rPm age, wherein men being but flenderly brought vp, it was very longere theywerevfed in the Church : but now education beingbettered, theyaretoo Toone imployed. Too haftiea triallmutt not bemade ofmew giftes to their hurt that vfe them,and that have thevfe of them. - 4 If weáske,whethera manmay not lawfully delireto be in the Minifterie, or no I anfwere,that in the Minifterieare two things ; a worke and a worfhip ; a dude and a dig- nitie.Theworke and dutie tothe glorieof God, andthegood of his Church,aman may deliire: The worfhip or dignitie,to ferueourcouerous minde,isnot tobe defired.It is good" beforewe come to the completfunflióìrefthe Mtnil!erie,thereMould be fometrainingvp by degrees in the fchoolesofthe Prophets.Aól.x.o.We-readeof the trainingvpof certaine Difciples at Corinth and at Antioch :,1?eul wasfir!! a Difciple, then an Apollle: Iolbua vnder Mofk , Samuel vnder Ely, Elilhmtttrider Eliah, Salomor, coder Nathan,Bartsch coder leccema,Timothie vnder Paul, were trained vp. Andlureit is good, firlt,tobeof the chit-. dren oftheProphets ; then a Prophet,then a Pallor. Firh,Chrrh callethfometo be dome- fticallDifciples,Luke 6. after he fendeththem foreh, Luke I o. and thenthey preach molt fully,whenafterhisaffenlon theyhad receiuedthe holyGhoft. Now if thisorderwere in the Prophets times, whyfhould it not bemuchmore in ours ? In the common-weale there isa training vp ofthe centric, before they be inftalled into Magillracie. In the Court, no man at the first is admitcedrto thehighefititles and funélions, but accordingtotheir giftes and prafhife.Innatural!things,wewill not commit our bodiesto eueryPhilinon,and pro-. feffor, but makeinquirir afterlsini whohath had the longefl experience.Then it is good, firllwith icihtsá,Samuel,El:Jha,Salomen,Baruch, and Timothy tobe humbled; then with Mofer,Hey,Elia,Narhanand Paul tobehonored. For what age requireth this more,then . ourheadie oldeageoftheworld? Wherein youngmen are fomewhat forward, and young menhaueyounger judgements, younger affeelions, vnfeafonedlpeeches andvnfeafoned fpeeches bringretra&ions,andretradlronsto their difcredit. . Mirth.