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andgodlyobfruations. Mirth. ex ]Hen a Gentlewoman asked him ifhewerenotfometiniesmerrie .Yes,faidthe, / V weare often merrie, and fometimes weare afraid of our mirth. Mercie: Heway tofee thelength, depth, bredch and height of Gods mercies, isfirftwith fhameand forrow to fee the length, etc. of ourowne linnet. ç7vtemorie. r r-rtHebe$arteofMemorie, is, tobe humbledatGods threatnings, and comfortedat 1 his promifes : for fare it is, that-exceeding griefes or exceeding ioyes, leavegreat itnpreffions invs. a The belt arteof Logicke is toteafon E consterfo, out of that layingof Paul ; There is 7,empi, no temptationbathouertszenyen,butitbarbsurrtabenothers. And co fay thus, There Isatis no temptation ouertaken others, but the fame may ouertake vs. Thiswill teach vs to fpeake charitably and profitably ofother mens infirmities. - Markesofthe childrenofGod. t Here beforne notable markes esknowe whether our iourney be to heauen or to 1 hell :Firft,ifa manbefoclofe that hewill not open hit way whither he purpofeth to goe, yet you (hall !pie out his intent,by obferuing which wayhiscarriage is lent :if our carriage goe after the fiefh,te the flefh we fhallcome: ifafterthe fpirit,to thefpirit wefhall come. Sccondly,ifa man concealehis voyage, yet you shall difccrne him by his inquirie thisway or that way: if ive askewhich is the way toCanaan, and where the way lied, in thewilderneffe,it is anargument he is goingto the promifed land.Thirdly,albeit he would keepe Ins iourneyneuerlbpriúie; yet he is bewrayed,ifivheninhearing a manfpeake a- gainft hiscountrey,and ddpraifehisPrince and people, his blood beginneth torife,hefiu- dedshimfeifegricued,andItandeth indefence of hiscountrey. So,if when men difgrace Gods word,fpcakeeuill ofhisMinífl:ers,orreprotb hisSaints,we finde our felues moued, and not able to containeourfelues fromreprelienfion : that is, atokenwe arc trauailing towards heauen. Occafonsofcud, Odlymen arenot in daunger ofgroffe wicked women : wherefore we muff hauea greater carefulnesof our felues, when we are in companie of fuck as profile godlineffe. And fo in all euils beware of ferret and colourable occafionsof euill , wherein Tome snake a fhewe of good, being guiltie of great offences. Obedience. _ TO an vniufl comnaundement, wemay yeelde iuf# obedience. iou. Patience. x o Atiencethenpolielkththefoule,whenfoeuerallouroutwardwantsarelap- rrialofass piedby patience, patieene. a Tltereare many whohatte let a prce on their hearts, andpcirpofed to exempt themfelues fromall griefe: others cate vp their hearts with griefc,as the Bosseeatevp. fiefs of the bodie is eatenvpwith a corrolue, and fo make themfelues dull Bones, racier taeirbeaus thenfeeling members : themeaneisnot to be too quiet,aswithoutall griefe;norto bevn- vvithgriefe. quiet toomuch,as being without a God. D Pinie. /