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nndgodly obferugtrons. trueth,yetivegoe not outof thefinne :fo as now a theefe on the gallowesreadi -to fall in thegraueandintohellbothatonce will fay it is luflcen to coofemy fin; vitro God, though Idoe not 16vntomen. Well,-there is no greater token ofgrace, thanwhen for the glorie ofGod or goodof thebrtchren, wee content todilcouer and lay open our felues.Ifnone. Of thefeexcufesferue,thenwecarifay,why this is a common thing,lam not 9 alone; orelleInchaoneprouokedosetodoethusÿorelfcIhadnot:doneit;orelleweare B very(rage; or.wasthereeuerany thatfinned not? Thus We areeaen as daintieasfgentle- 9.1O' wo:neniwhohauinga fotewhich:tlieyarelothtohaveefpied, will cover itcillic be incu- rable; fo wee :hauing forne frnnes are loth to open thein,vntill they growalmoit vnre- couerahle_. . r a Euery man is afraideofthis; leaf} his finne fhould breakeout, yet entryone v&eh the wayofbreaking our. Nothingetiore ftayethfis,ne,than'to make it knownc:in rinse. nifeareraad Nothing drawethitfoonerfortli,thantootongtotonceale it. lenity befouie will coddle co fie¿'cl6e forne Clnncs,yea inany'lins;andyet hide the mother fnne,whole `life if we concinuc,how- morFier fone. foeuer we may muncher forne ofher broode,yec (he will batch new Clones agaiue. 11 When thou arc afraide thoufftakgoeoutof thy wit, becaufe thou feareft finne ; t whenthoutaintdiijtuëeandpreachmorefcarefullyagainft thylelfe,thanalthepreachers C falations inciseworld : remember how Chrift Iefas hauing no holiues by the feffi, by beingof his kg,2de! fe, ownemother (to thetcftification whereof it plcafed him to be borneof fuels aone whole for fnne. progenitors' werenotable f imiers,tókeepecompany With .'hch'as were the oiottmilerable wretches,co calltothe greatelt dignitie in the Church,the prophaneft tole-gatherers,per- fecutors and worldluigs) bath giueir thee an bolinesvnperfeét,andwouldnot haue thee lookeforanygreat tlijngs n thy felfe,feeinghelihnfelfegotnogaine thereby atAlt may bethe Multitudeofthy lines trouble-thee : but ccèinfder MaryMaodaters liad feuen fpi rits,andyet of allwomenwas evademolt dcuout, and afterCÏirilt his refurreétton recei- úedgreateltdìgnitieto feehim firit: Irmaybechegreat continuariceofchyfinitetroubles 3 thee: remember howChrift called Matthew, wholung trine had weltered in worldlnies. It maybe diegreatncsofthy hones -feare thee : confider how the greateftperfecutorof 4 the Churchwasnsarie of all other the moftglorioiis preacher ofthe Gofpell. It may be thy 5 hones drawnefrom thy coonrriegrieue thee : the Cretianswere good Chrittians, and the filthieCorinthians moit faithful:profèflors. It maybe thine bercditariefimesbynature 6 moue thee todefpayre : confider bee that can fo farce ouerrule nature, that the Wolfe(hall dwell with the lambe, the leopard lye with the kid, Efas. i 1.5,6.11e can alto chatinge that count ofnature in thee,by a fupernacurall grace. And yetIwouldhave thee tobeware,fo trotting toChrift his righteouf nes,as thou forgetnot he is allothine bolines:and to to la- bour forrIsme bolines so hisss,nluat thouforget not seis thy rigltteoulnes : and lo to labour for both,as if thouberth righteous, thou Inuit alto be hope : and being neuer to boise, yet to feeke for thy whole righteoulisesits Cisrilt, 14 Many feebled and exceededmindes are oft caft downe without hopeof beige, be- caufe oftheir ovinevnworthines,as though therewere no comfort to beobtained ofGod, vnleflc webringof ourowne finites toprefent himwithall : but this were to djferedit the Lords mercies,and to bringin creditour merits, and rather tobinde the Lord to vs, than vs to him. Butwhat meaneeh this? There is with the Lord plentiful) redeuiption,and titer- Againfithe' fore Ifrael needenot tofeareto findemercie; ifour fins begreat, ourredemption is grea- feareafoar ter; though ourmerits be beg erl Gods mercie isa rich rnercic. Ifourperill benot come thines.amor- euen toa delperate caie,andchat wee be as it were utterly lott,andpart hope of recouerie, there is no grade of redemption. Herethen is thepower and profit of ourredemption, that when allfrnnes gne over our heads, and heauen and earth,the Sunneand Mooneand theStarres cone as it were in judgement againftvs,yet a cleere and fullraunfoine (hall be given intoour hands,wlterewith topurchafe our redemption, and fo toprocure our per- feet deliuerance beyond all expefhation, and to as it were to fetch fonietbing out of no- thing. We fee for example, in ficknes to haueeither little daunger, or in great- daunger to haue deliuerante byperlent meanes, is nothing: but in extremitie and perill, whenphi- ficke can doe nogood,and make nothing for vstokeepe vs froto rite graue, then abone and