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Ìl il 34 graueCounfels and beyond allthis toberefcued therefro,and to reamer ourlifefromthepits brinke, is * worke highly deferuing: fo thoughGod driuevs toordinarie meanes,this is not towith- draw our redemption in vlìng the meanes, but to trainvpourfaith, that after hemay make knownethat liepath an helpe beyondallhelpes,and muchredemption. And thisis needful( for vs to learnt: for ifthemeans bemany,werat in them: but ifthey befew,and faint,the meditation ofthis redemption will bemolt comfortable. gisneiswoun- r5 his an experiment of Gods children,that by prayer finnes.reeeiue their deadlie ded byprayer, wound,and a temptationby refinance : yea,we fhall findeitboth fooner to depart, and to and temptati- recompence the prefentand little paine,withan afrer and longerpleafure : andcontrari- on byrefi- wife thenot refillingthereof ? caufethit thefurther tofeedeinvs,and thefmallprefentplea- Jtasce. ringofour telues,is payed with a longbitter griefe ofconfcienceafterward. 16 Ifwe will truly learnt hocwtoauoidehinns, let vs remember oftwhat punifhment wehauefeltfor finne. Ifwe will bekept from vnthankfulneffe, wrmuft oftcallco mmdc thethingsthatthe Lordbath donefor hisglorie,and ourfouleshealth in vs. Sickeandfckne(. Rules forthe r rDHis Itake to be a fie prefcriptionto all parties afflicted : firft, to labour tohaue 'eke. I peaceof confcience, and ioyof theholy Ghoft, through the affurance of their t finnes pardoned in IefusChrift : then tobe careful' tovfe themeans which may nourifh s their inward peaceand by : thirdly, they muff reioyce and recreate themfelues in wife- ; domeandweldoing with theSaints of God, and holy company : and laftly, theymull re- 4 frefhtheinfelueswithkitchenphificke, andathankfullvfingofthecreaturesofGod. a hisnot goodtovfethat for diet, which isprefcrihed for phificke: forthat will not worke in theextraordinarieneedeof the bodie, which is vied asordinarie inthe(tare and time ofhealth. Puhtikepeay- 3 He marked two things.commonlynegle&ed: Hefawe that menbeing indangerof errfar the death, would be prayed for in the Church, but theywould not haue the Church glue ficke. thankes for their recouerie. Againe,he tawthat women would giuc thankesaftertheir de- liuerance,which is a Chriftian dutie well befeemingthem,but they wouldnotbefore aske the pra ersoftheChurch.Andleeingitisforareablef uzgtohane thefruiteofthewombe, fetingfometimethe mother,fornetiaie thechildren,foinetimesboth died,and that thegift of both is a workepalling theSunne,theMooneand the Starres,it werenothing fuperflu. ous or burdenousinfuch cafes to prayand tobethankefull. 4 Itis the wifedomeof God ioyned with inercie for thegoodof his children (ifthey forget to fpieout, and tobe humbled fortheir inwardcorruptions) either tolet them fall intoTome finne,topan(h theirpride, and fway oftheirownewit, or cis (whichis his more merciful( chaftifeiuent) tobreake there with form croft;, vntill theirheartesbebroiled. Hereof itco :nmeth that the Lord is conftrained to corral our haughtines, andcooleour courageby fomekindeofafllidtion,becanfe weare readie to breakeoutin timeof profpei now thelord ride. Whereforetocut off the occaf+onsoffin,which Satan would findoutinourproii/ sorre&le the flefh, after longtimeof health, the Lordfendethfome ficknes,orfouieweakenesupon prideofour to cutlhort our Ironies, wherewith byreafon of long wealth,wefhould like bullesofBa- profperinc. Ion pufn at the godly ; the Lordfendeth fire, theeues,and oppreflionsto let vsblood in our riches, leanwefhould betoo ranke,andgrow intoa furfet. The belt way inthe mid- deft of ourprofperitieis, to labour to thinkewifelyand lowlyof our felues : and towalke fearefully,asbeing nowmoll ielous oiler this our corruptnature which leanfeared] when Gods gracesaregreateft:euen inabundance,iiealth,credir,& authority to carry as humble and=ekeanheart and faithful! afpirit, aswee would orought tohaue, cursi when wee comeout ofaf$ietion. For thisof allthe plagues is tise greateft, to bepricked, and ¡soc to feele ; to be (taken, and not tobehumbledfor it : and it isno great commendationsto bemade betterbyaffliótion: but this is thepraife of godlineffe, to grow on more in prof- Facie, then not toforfake our fiatloue, then to enterinto a lowly conceiteofour felues: :,fg,,dheart for asit is a fugue of a moreliberal!and ingenious nature, to learne moreby lenitie, then foonebumbled bywileeitie, orif!seflip, torecouerhimfelfeascarefully at thefightofanother corre&ed before