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36 Çraue Counfels Safuation. t r-r+Hatman is Weft whim God bath from all beginninm chofen to eternall life. To The golden ohmicifour whomGod bathgiuenhisChrift as free claim. affurance ofall thofe thingsby his holy fpirit ; towhom hebath giuenhis word ; in whom a theword and fpirit haue begot faith ; by whofe power faith bath begotten ioyes in lira- a uenly things ; in whomMybath wrought a fincere heart topleafeGod ; in whomfinceri- 3 tie is accompanied withlonevnfained to the Lordandhis Saints 5 loue toyned with a care a to obey thecommandements ; this carebreedinga reuerentfeare to pleafe God ; in tvhom 6 this godly feare rebuketh finse ; the rebuking. of finne tvorketha mourning Ipirit; in 7 whom a mourning fpirit begetteth true meekenes, this nteekenesofminde caufing vs to hunger after Chrift.So as feeling his owne miferie,heis taughtto thew inertieonto others, le and iotheweth mercieas it is with the bowels ofcompafLon; whole heart God fo gouer- , r nin91 that all outwardbenefits turne to his bleffing, as feales ofthe fauour ofGod ; vnto rz whomall croffes being fanctifiedinChrilt ,torneto hisgoód: whofinally in this- faithand ri frohesof faith, nieekely and patiently poffèfing hisfoule, waiteth and locketh alfuredly isfor the:glorious kingdome of God afterthìs life. Thisis the golden chaise ofvndoubted re bleffednes, whole linckes arefo fattned the onein the other, that wherefoeuer any ofthem r7 be wanting,chere is a breach arid eucakenes madcin the whole. Tomakefpeede togoodthings. n A Sit is.afearefull thing to battento doeeuill, and to lingerto an euitl thingisan holy lingeina: fo it is a bleed thing to battento godlireßê; and to makeIpeede to a good thing, is a haftines very godly, Pfal.4z.Pfa1.95. Elifl a omit not faloteany bodie in theway : theApottles- mutt not communewith any in their journey, and why ? They Inuit make halte to.doe the wilLofGod. It is profitable to make hafte toheauen ; butit is no wifedomepomake halte to shell : and yet to doewell, we findea Lyon in the ltreetes; but to dot euill, nothingcan flayvs.He thatwill come toheauenInuit make halte : forthe kingdome of God mnft betaken violently: bemuftbelikethofewifevirginsnotlinge- ring to get oyle, nor delaying to furnifh fhemfclues nitlt the graces of God against the commingof Chritt. Sleeps. x IDEcaufe great naturall and worldly furrowand toy will canica manto breakehis ileepeat midnight, he would tryhtmfelfewhether f orrow for finne,aud soy in falua- tionhad cantedhim to doe the like. Sermons. Many menmay befaidtobe Sermon-ficke,asthere areforne laid tobefea-ficke:for as they that arelea- ficke,for the time cftheiefeafaring, fo longas they beonthe Sermon -- fake. water areof a feebleftomacke, fainthrarted,euen readme to dye: andyet arrmumng on the land, beinggotter-outof thePhil pe,and bauingpaufed I Milelittle time, doe begin to for- get their late troubles,and torecouer theirformer Itrength againe.Somany,fo long as they are in the Church,ì are tolledby thepoweroftheword, their hearts are ficke, theircoufci- ences melt, theyare much troubled : but when once thevoyce ceareth, andthey areout of time Church doores, andliane acquainted theutfelueswith rileayreofthe world, they forget what they heard,and wherewith theyweremoued, and fo retire to their former life againe. Schifine. r A Lthough it is fore that a good man ¡hall not finally fall in themainepoints ofhis faluation, yet he may be Ieduced in fome fellematters, but for all that in the end he litait efcape :but theInducer (hall barelybe pumfhed. For awell meaning manfound in faielt,. and yet notnice inChrift, may be carried to like lomefolemne fuperilitiorrs, and pompeous