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didgodb obiruations. beforehim,as ifbe were beaten himfelfe. For it is atokenofa mind morereformed tohaue abladedmiede ratherwiththe tafleofGods mercies, then withthe terrorofhis iullice ; or libefee but anincklingofGods difpleafttre breeding, as much toftrikehisheart, asifthe beanie hands of a fearefullfcourge werevpon him. And herewemutt beware that we lofe not thefrusteofthekalbcroire: forifwe breakenot our hearts with alittleafflietion, we fhall afterwards become blockifh ingreater. Wherefore Being it is a token ofamelting heart tobleede attheleakhlow ; and it is a figne ofa fenceles miede, not to be touched vntill thetivorde bath tatted deepely ofour blood: let vs pray for the firft graceofGods children, not toneedeto becorre&ed ; or forthefecond, tobe the better by theleak cot-- ration ; or at the eaft,Marche Lord let vs notgotfo farce, as neitherprofperitienor ad- uerfrtie can doevsgood. Satanspea8tfs. r ` Atanisreadieeuertomake vs modvnwillingtothat, wherein the Lordwill matt vfevs to thegreateibgoodofhis Church. a We muff pray that tise Lard giuenotthat mealisreof leaueto thediueli thatwe glue out to finne : but that liewould rather.makeSatana furgeon to thewvs our finnes,tlten a fergeant to arreft vsto perpetual!imprifonment for our!runes. 3 Satanbath two wayes tobuffet vs : firft, he moueth to difpaire, (hewingvs how fach sàtbanbufe- mendidabide trouble, buttheywere raremen, ofrare faith, of rarefeeling, ofrarepad- Sethvs two ence ; God bathnotcalled vs tothatmeafureofgrace ; weare vnworthie by reafonofour rages. Geors, tohope for the like faithor fruites offaith. Hisother temptationfalloutsofpride, whenhewillmake vs equall indignitie withthe higheft ofGods Saints, butvnequall in dutiewith them :then hewill perfwade that God is as good,andas ftrong tovs,ashe harts been toothers : but he keepes vsfromvingthole wayesand meanes,wherebyothers haue and we ought to hauethis goodneffe and power of God conueyed intovs. Wherefore as we muttnot diftrnft God that we (hall obtainthe likemercie with others, ifwe vfe the lake tneanes : fowe mutt not befobalde, as todreame thatruer weMall bane thelikefa- Hour with them,vnleswe labourfor thelikefaì¿h with them,the likefaithI fay thoughnot in quanticie,yetin qualitie. 4 Vito onethat faidlie was polliftofa diuell: he anfwered, as hoping that he was theyoffison. childe ofGod,andratherdeluded then aH ui5bed.True itis,that asmuchas lieth inyou,you hauegiuen ouer your felfeveto thedinell : batit is notin yourpower togine ouer your kite vntohim,neitheris it inhis iurifdietion to pofeiT you. Superflition. t \ ,f Any hauing efcapedout ofthe gulfeof fuperflition, are too dcepe plunged in 1.12prophanenes. Strange correcl'iens. r ]NtoaVerygodly manInhofe onely tonne was drowned, and therefore came vnto V him ingreat anguishoftainde, andasked whether fetchftrange correétionswere notalwayes tokensofstrange frnnes. Heanfwered, That albeit God did feuerely correet cornofgreat finne an it, yet it was notneceffarie that God thouldchietlie relpe&the punifhtnentofafittionr. finnein this thing; as mightappeareinthe like dealingwith foband other ofhischildren: Ecc1.9. Saabthing, happenoftner torhegood,¿yc. Howbeit(faidhe) God night corredfyour fecuritie herein (which either brings tome finite orerofe) or Godmight coree&your im- 3 moderate loueofhim ; or yourvnthankfulnesfor whatmeafurehewas reformed or your isOtprayíng for lsim : or titeLord might take away tisis confolation,and withdraw wholly 6 your minde from theworld, andmore tltroughly fantlifie you to himtelfe. Or he might 7 liwhich h might n y nmnemightlaue fallen into which would ba e been fallen foer trouble thenhisdeath d & thereforeyou muffstayyour felfeonthe loueofGod inall. Sa(uation.