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47 TO THE RIGHT WOR- SIHPFVLL MASTER DOCTOR CASAR, IV.DGE OF THE HIGH COVRT OF Admiraltie,MaifterofRequefts,andofS. Katherins : and to theright vertuous gentlewoman his wife : H P N R Y HOLLAND wifhethan increafeofallprofperitie,andoftberich graces ofGodsfjiirit vetolife euerlaFfing. Hefe Sermons (right Worfhipfull) are full ofgood in- ftruétion, and confolation. I haue endeuoured to giue fomeviewof themall,byfomefhortaphorifines, on this manner. I. The finui Sermon, is ofthe quenchingofthe fpirit, má5rffsee. wherehe teachethvs: r.That albeittholebeworthilycondem- ned,thatneuertaFled,nordefiretotaileofthe/fiiritof God: yet amore heftandfearefullcondemnation is like to comeon them, bat halting once receiuedit, doeafter lofethefame. 2. TOknowwhether wehauethef/ii- rit: hefaith,likeasheknowetbbeft,thathebath life,whichféeleth :tinhimfelfe: fohebell knoweth Whetherhehaue theffiirit,thatfeeleththe / firit workinginhim(ef.vigaine,he thatbaththef/irit ofChrill, bath fömeehingin himgiuenhim ofGodby his word, aboue all that canhe attained,by anynaturallgift or humane iuduFlrie. 3. Thefpirit often in regeneration,caufeth inthe(/iirituallman,agreat andgenerallaFtonifhment,forgreat and enormous tnnes committed: and then itdealethmoreparticularly, fmitingvswith affe- ciallgriefeforfpeciallfnnes. ¢. Thenthefpirit teacheth,how thefacùlties ofthefuleare allbent to rebellion againil God,andfpecially how reafon ftghtethagainfl faith, and is a great patroneofvnbeleefe. S. vlfterallthis,thefpirit (faìthhe) bringeth vs tofee the vnfearchable richesofChriFl, andworketh invs that preciousfaith, whereby we appre- hendourfiveiuilifrcation inChriFl. vAndthenfollowes thefeelingofioyvnfpeakable,and that bleedpeace o fconfiencewhichpafithvnder.rlanding,judgementis reformed, a f - (lions arecleanealtered,andtherewillappearein allfacultiesgreat f rwardner,andreadi- nes,toperforme thingsacceptablevntoGod. 6. vlfter famefalleooffrailtee ,ifweconti- nue ourformer hatredoffinne, andtheoftner wefall, conceìue the moredeadly hatreda- gainflfinne : ifour formeforfnneincreafe,ifour care continuetopreuent andcut ofall occa(ions of(inne, albeit we'lipandfall often, yet we maynot fay the f iris is,quenched. y. Suchas haue the greater, andmorecertainegracesofthefpiritofregeneration their *knowledge is labour cuermore f rage d.meafureofknoìvledge,to `LiketbeSUnII direc`l