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48 TheEpiítle. *Likealight- direáthemin theirparticular duties : the *knowledgeofthewickedisbut confufed,, gene_ nig' rall,anduncertain. S. c/Ilbeitthefpirit can neuerbevtterly takenfrom theheleeuers: yetiftheywaxeproud,feeure,andf Il to Panne, thegracesofthefpirit, the cleere vnder- landing, thefeeling,theafáion,andioyin the holy Gho.Fimay fodyeanddecay in them, that they may well feemetothemfeluesandothers tobalm quenchedthefpirit. Thefe and thelikefingular do&rines concerningthis matter, arecontainedin this Sermon. This argument was further inlarged and amplifiedinotherSer- monsbyhim,which asyetIcannot finde. For hetaughtalfo by what degrees the fpirit is quenched : and theywerethefe. r. Bynegleáingthe meaner ofCher f ing thegracesofthe f irit. 2. Fromneglec7ing themeanes to proceede to thegrieuingof the Theregene. fpirit. 3. Fromgrieuing, to cometovexingandprouokingthefpirit. g. LaIily,howfome lraecde e - afierlongproaocations, hauequenchedtheJrit,andlofallthegoodlightandgracesofGod eitoffank,. which theyfeemedbeforetohaue had. Thefe bemoftdangerousdegreesoffinne, and cation. , ifepsto perdition. And thusfarreofthe firif Sermon. II. The fecond Sermon is againft murmuring, afinne no leffe dangerous then common,inall degreesand conditions ofmen.Webeheretaught: r. What the nature isofimpatiencieforoutwardthings , what d fonour it brings toGod, what tormenttovnbeleeuers, inwhom thewant ofonefmallthing breedsfach diffcontentment, asthe peeper; ofmanyrichblefssingscannotquietthem. 2. What remediesh f ferueto makeourheartscalmeinall fuchdfe eredafeáionr,andtheybethe(e:frrfl,mofhigh- ly toelleemeofGodsfauour,andtopre errethatonebenfteofthepardonofourfinnes,be- färeall therichesofthis life. Secondly,to laboterfor thatpreciousfaith in Chrf,touching theforgiuene ofour f nnes, andeuerlajlinnlife :farofwecanonce beperfwaded, that Chr f uours, wefhallnot greatlydoubt butthatwithChr f we(hall haueallthingsneed,. fullforvs. Let vs receiue this benefit though itcomealone, yeathough it bring troubles withit: and thenforoutwardthings weJhallpofourfoules withpatience. For (faith thisreuerendman) wehaue no truefeelingofthe forgiuenes ofourfnnes, ifwe cannot (whenwefeeleit) betherewitheontented,andreadietoforgoeallotherthings. 3. Tolooke wellto ourfanaifrcationandregeneration :forifthe Lordgrantvstobe the glorious tem- ples ofhismail holy f irit,whereinhisgracesmayfhine,hewillnot denyvs thebafethings of thislife : orifhedoe,wefhallhaueagoodfupplieofbetter things. 4. To be well affured ofour loriousrefurreáion: foritisfarregreater tora f vs kingconfumedtodug, then topreeruevsbeingaliue. y. Faith inGodsprouidence: ifhe madeallthings ofnothing, mite more ea(iliecanhepreferuethingsmade : ifhecaresfor the kills, much morefor man: ifor wickedmen,much morefor his children:if for hischildrenwhen theyfought himnot,muchmore when theypekehim withalltheirhearts,anddefiretofernehimin ho- boes andtruerighteoufnes. 6. Lailly, learnt byexamples thatit is Gods blefiingin the meanes,andnotthe meuneswithoutitwhichpreferuesys.The Fathersbefore theflood fed on hearbeswithoutfl f orffh, andyet hued700. Soc. yoo.yeares. TheIfaeliteslinedao. yeares without changeofgarments, or any earthly andordinaryprouifaon. Mofes and Elias huedgo. daleswithoutmeate.TheJeexamples teachvs ifwehaue themeanes, not to tra}lin them;ifwewant them noteodi.Flruilin God.And thus farre thefumme ofthe fecondSermon. III. The thirdisofzeale ,whichteacheth: farsl, howGod commandethandcommen- dethheale:fecondly,how herewardes it. T erulestoknowthetrue eale ofGodarethef. r. True teakbegins in ourflues, andfoproceedes to others : andagain returnerfromother men, and ends in aurfelues. Abraham,