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it A SERMON PREACHED BY MAISTER RICHARD GREENHAM, VPON THESE WORDS: jenchnot the fpirit. >.The115, g. THE FIRST SERMON. Lithe do trineof the Scriptures may be briefly referred to there two heads. Firft, howwe may be prepared to receiuethe fpirit ofT11:,/;,,,,771,,,.,,f God.Secondl ,howthe be retained when 1 Y P bescrt receiued it. And therefore SaintPan/ hxuinglaboured toinllruétf::rr. theTheffalonians,in theformerpart of thisEpiftic, hot they:may receiue the fpirit, doth here teach them how to keepe and coifti- nuethis fpirit veto the end : and this the'Apoflle loth by gluing them a charge and commaundemein, that in no wife they doe quench thefpirit : thereby doubtles teaching, that as the ¿hua- ningofeuill,is the firft lle, vntogoodnes; fo the read ieway to continuethe fpirit ofGod inour hearts,is to labour that it benot quenched.Now theApolele vpon greatand waigh- tiecon fideration,doth here deliuer this precept.For firft ofall,thoughall tholebe worthi- ly and iuftlycondemned, that neuer tatted ofthe fpirit of God : yetas ourSauiourthrift faith; Amore iufand fearefull condemnation is like tocane vpon them, that haling once receiucd it, doe afterwards lofe the fameagaine. Moreouer, without thisfpirit of The 0,iritof God, no holyexercife canhare hisfull effebt : for thewo:d.worketh not, where the.lpirit ofGodis wanting; prayers !saneno power topearce into the pretence ofGod 5 the Sacra- malts freinefinall and lithethings in oureyes, ar.d all other orders, addexercifetwhich rn 4hrrb God bath grauntedand ordainedfor man, theyare vuprofitableto man, where the fpirit ,c.cAt off, is not prefeuttoconuey theminto our hearts, theretó leale vpthe fruit ofthem: Loft ofall, /ie' a- %;6,,,g_ we are fit toreceiuenogood graceat Godshands : nay; we doenot.eftee:ase Gods: races, when we hale not thef iris to teach vs to fet a dueprice vpon them : for fpeake of the l"c5wart p i P ebc,lyìrm. Law,or ofthe Gofpell ; offinne,orofrigisteoufnel è : fpeakeof Chrift,orofour redempti- on, and iuftification by Trim : yea, fpeakeoftiìat huge and !wauie waight of gloriedwhere- with'the eleaof God thall becrowned ; äll this urouethnot, we are.little affsled there- with,vnlefiè God glue vs of hisgood fpirit, toprofit by thefame. The Apoil le therefore with good reafon, gauethis precept,. and we, for manygreatcanfes, áreso liftenenterit, leaft by any meanes tiìe fpirit of Godbe quenched invs, and fo wedepriue our felues of all thefefrufces. Now, whereasthe Apoftle faith, ;Qnch ;jot thefpirie, it may appearehe fpeakethtotl:ofe that had alreadiereceiued the fpirit. For, as clue firecannot be laid to beritprtceptof, quenched, where it is not : fo they cannot be laid to quenchor lofethe fpirit, which haue not q,renchiag not as yetreceuned it.Thsen know,tistthsus preceptdoti, properlybelong to thsew,that liaise the!eirit,be- receiued the fpiritof Gad,and'theyefpeciallyare to makea Ipeciall of of it : for the other, 1ov`?r to ahem it cannotprofittheinovnlefitthac, as the feede l ingin the rokindalong time r dot's after- Freceì" u/e' d/ "'t'r`,`e e z ward spirit.