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TheEpiftie with what wifdomeanda ffell'ionwemullcorral our children,euermindfullhowthat we punifb ourownefauns inthem. And thus muchof thefixt Sermon. VIL Thefeuenthand laitSermon teachethvs : r. Thatfarrowforfinite ii thefirft fiep togodlines : for (faith he) it is impofsible tohungerafter Chrift without it. 2. That the wordofGodmuflcfec? thatforrow in vs,bypearcingour hearts, and teachingvs that wehaue to doewith Gtd,andnot withmen : andthis willwoundvswith aliuely feelingof Gods judgement. 3. Thatwe muffw f ly d f ernebetween thetrue f rrowforfnne,whicb eaufethrepentáncenottobe repentedof andthat worldlyforrow whichcaufethdeath. For godlyforrowfftneth theheart tothe obedience oftheword: butthat worldlyfrrowcau- fethmen. to kicke andfpurne againfi the word, to thefurtherhardningoftheir hearts. ç. That manyaregalledandprickedwith pouertie,ficknes, andotherafflittionse bictfew with theirfnnes, which is thewifeoftheir affli/lions. Butlet menbe wellaffuredof this (faithhe) thatifa man be not troubledfarfinnehere, he is in the way to hell: ifhe be troubledin thislifeforfinne, heisin theway taheauen. S. LaFlly,thatintruerepentance theprickingoftheheart ,and f rrowingforfinne,mrltbe continuedanddaily renaced: we men behumbledwith continual! f rrow, that wemay be refrefbed with daily. comfort in Chrii!. And thusfar the compendious and fhort viewofall thefe Sermons. This graue and reueeend Father, whobath left vs thefeholy inflru/tions,ha- uingcontinuedfor many yeares withgood fucceffe, and a comfortable experi- enceofGodsbleífing onhisholy miniflerie,in preaching theGofpell ofChrifE, hisSermons weremany innumber : and how effe/uall, letthe godly iudge by thefefew,which Gods goodprouidence bathreferued forpofteritie. Now(right Worfhipfull) Iofferthem vnto your good patronageand proteófion : becaufe I amwell affuredyou loue, and whatyou may, you further the preaching ofthe Gofpell ofour Lord andSauiourIefus Chriff., Much am I bound to remember your Worfhip, and that vertuous gentle- woman yourwifé,for yourgreatloue to meand mine.I can noway requite your loue, yetbyfomepore tefltmonie, I define to make mine affe&ionknownein theperformanceofany Chriflian dude whatI may. The Lord IefusChriff that hath knit both yourhearts, byonefpirit, in one holy faithvntohimfelfe,and in louevnfained one to another, graunt you the true peacewhich paffethvnder- flanding, to keepe.your heartsand mindes in hisfaith, loue and feare veto theend. And thusI humbly take myleaue,recommending you andall yours to theprote/ionofthe Almightie. vlprill. 3o. vinnoDom. r f yg. TourWorfhipseuer tocommandinIefsea ClriFf: .HENRY HOLLAND.