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TO THE RIGHT HOMO- RABLE AMID VERTVOVS LADIES; THE LADIE MARGARET COVNTESSE OF CVMBERLAND, AND THE LADIE KATHERINE. Counteífe Dowager ofHuntington : H.H. wifheth theincreafeof all true honour and comforts in this life, and after death a crowneof gloriewith IefusChrift. Slayfeeme topaffe the bounderof Chriflianmodetli, fo toprep intoyour prefence (`Right Honourable and vertuousLadies) without dueregard ofyour perfons andplaces.Butfuch isyour wzfdome, thatyoucan, and l =? yourhonourable af6ison, thatyou willheart with a otience the meant.££feruant ofJefus y come (Tight Honourable) as in the name of the faithfull feruant of Chrift, Ohl.R.Greenham, aman weli4nownevntoyourHonours, and to thofe mofl religious patrons ofallpietie andgood learning, the right-Honou- rable Earles of (bled memorie) of Huntington, Warwicke, and of' Bedford, tbhich notbPepe in the Lord. Of themmuch was he reeteren- cedin his lifetime ofyour Honours much lamentedafter death, forthat you knoete the Joffe o f fuch,tobeno(mall wracke vnto the Church andpeo- ple ofGod. mowfo it is (right Honourableand vertuous Ladies) that petitin thisdecliningage maxeth dailyveryfaint,andimpietiecloth.much abound: andGodbathnot onelyfeebeforeyou thofenobleexamplesfor imi tation,but alphash enrichedyour heartswithhisfaith,feareand loue, (as itwell appeares) to embrace his bleffedtruth, andtobe as nurftug-rnathers to theholyreligion of Chrifl. .Nótb then this good[truant of the Lord, Godgateehim (to recompencehis want ofnaturallchildren) manyfanner anddaughters begotten by the,Gofbell to thefaith ofChrifí, and fume "orphanshe left after him,which being cheri fbed and accepted withgrace Or Po(t- amongmen, f hailtruly refemble the ft hersheart, which begat them, andhomes. (landvpfor him,to#eake andpreachpietie,and the truefaithofChriato csl 3 palcritic.