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56 -ThefrftSermon. Ifthe Lorddeale fowith the plant and hearbe-ofthe-field, whymay he not deale towith vs,thefonnes oftnen ? If wecannot conceiuethereafonof this,wemat holde our peace: forallthe workesof Godare done in righteoufneflè, andallour knowledge is vnperfeet: therefore we muftherein ratheraccufeour.feluesofignorance, then the Lordofvnrighte- oufneliè. Sothen wemuftthinkeitrrighteousin theLordtodeale thuswith vs, fceingwe are in his halide : and wemull not beoffended, though hecall fome,anddoe not inlighten them : and although heinlightenfotne, anddoe notcontinuethem, anddoe ofhisgreat mercie contiuue Caine turn unto theend letvs rather feewhat vfe wemutt makeofthis doElrine. vjeo[the r Fir$, wemufttake Iieedc that we neuer quench anygrace, orgift Chat God beftoweth doítrineo} z vponvs. Secondly, we muff(till labour tohaue greatermeafureofgifts : forthe wicked quenching may. come to hauefome fmall gifts,and hichas may bequitetaken awayfrom them.Lalt- rhefptrit. 3 ly, itBoth put a plaine differencebettveene thegodly, and the godlefÍe, between them that bearea thew ofhòlineffe, andthem that are indeedethe holy ones of the Lord : for True nntetof the one endureth butfor atime, and the other laded)for euer. Now ifwerequireafurther thefpiritof, trizll, whereby we Mayknow whetherwe hauereceiuedthat Spirit whichlaftethbutfor a fanEhficatión. time,.or that which will abidefor euer with vs':then letvs marke thek rules, which put a Firftdife-r laindifference. betweenthem. Firft, wemuft marke that inlightning and infightwe rowu in a4 laneinto the word ofGod.Certaine itis,that boththe godly and wickedare inlightened, lumitiation. butthe inlightening.ofthegodly is one, and theinfightofthewicked -is another:for that knowledgeand sought which thegodlyhaue receiued,isceréaineanddiftinet: and there- fore inparticular things, theybe able to appl thethreatningof Gods iudgements to the z humbling ofthemfelues, and the promifesofGod to comfortthemfèlues. Againe,their knowledge isfufficient to &teathem both-generally,and ineueryparticular duck. And 3 laftofall,itneuer faileththem,but diteeteththem vistothe end: but theknowledgeofthe wicked isnotfo,forit is confuted,general,andvncertaine.And therefore thoughthey lane a generallknowledge of the threatriings, and of thepromifes of God, yetcan theynot 00m/edgermake particularvfe of the fame.Theirknowledge is infufñcient,notable todire& diem in temhe their particular adhons, and thereforeit doth leaue them in theende. Therefore as the oftbevvicked; knowledge of thegodlyfor thecleerenes; thecertaintie, and thefùfñciencie ofit, is corn- tikethe light- pared totheSunne : fo the knowledge ofthewicked, is comparedto thelightning, which ping. cloth notgiueany certainelight,itdoth not continue any time ; andwhenit is gone, men are worfethen they werebefore. Sodoth it fall out thewicked : for befide thatcheìr knowledgedoth fountvanilh,'there is allo inthemafterwards, greaterandmoredange- rous darknesthen there.was before: herein then wedoe feeone plaineand manifeltnote Seeenddiffe- ofdifference. Secondly,we come CO our affeftions.Certaineitis, that the wicked doe de- rma isaifii- fire the helpeand the fauour of God : butlooke to the caufe, and that will (hew adiItè tiSas. rencebetweene themand the godly. The wickeddoe onely feeke helpe, becaufeoffome = extretnittie which they fuffer ; theybody delire to be in the fauourof God, becaufe they would be freedfromgriefe: andtherefore it is common withthem tofay ; Oh that Iwere out ofthispaine! Oh that this myforrow were taken from me. Bywhich fppeechesthey thew, thatfo theymight be atrelt,orlice at theircafe,they would littleweigh ofthehelpe orfauourofGod. Bindlegodlyfinde fuchfweetenes in thefauourofGod, that forthe delre thereof, they can be content to forgoeall the pleafures of, yea they canbe contentto fullermuch, and endure the crolfe patiently, fo that at thelaihtheymay affil- z redlyenioyGodsfauour. Not thegodl only,but thewicked alfo,aregrieuedwhenthey haue finned : but thewicked doetherefore forrow, becaufe their finnehat,, or will bring tome punif,ment vponthem : and the godly forrow, becaufe they haue offended God, and gmen him occafion todrawhis fauour from them, thereforehis corre&tiondoethey beare patiently : but the.remembrance of their finne, thattoucheth them ltillat thevery quicke.Then in theirioy, and in theirforrow,may appearea feconddifference. Thethirddif- The.third differenceis inloue: for though both of themdoe loue God, yet it is aftera forme be- diuers manner ; the one offinceritie, the otherforwages. Apoorechildethat is taken vp, dlyatdga4 fedde, and cloathed, will lonehim that doth thusfeede and clothehim : but ifltereceiued ad- e. no