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Quenchnot the .rit. nomore ofthat man then ofanother, he would likehim, and loue himno better then another : euen foit is with thewicked,iftheirbellies be filled,their barnes ftuffed,and they haue theirhearts delre, they loue God indeede, butyet onely for their bellie, andtheir barns. Thus did SaulloueGod, but it was for hiskingdome: thusdid Achitopheiloue God, but it wasbecaufe hewas aduanced to be a counfellour: and thus did /ridge loue God buticwas becaufehe was chofen to beanApoftle, and carriedthe bagge. Butwhat becameoftheir loue thehiftories doe teflifie : Saul wasa littleafflieled,and forfookeGod: Acbitophel fomewhat croffedin hisdeuiles, hanged himfelfe : and Judas forgaine ofmo- Example: ney, betrayed Chrilt. Some experienceof this wemay fee amongvs ; Courtierswill be profeffors, and Schollers ofripe wits will be religious, if that Courtiers may become Counfellors, and if Schollers maybepreferred to the chiefeft places : but if promotion comenot, thentheir profeffonisforfaken, and their religion !aideaftde. Andyet that is notall,foreither they waxe prophanein their life,orheretical! in their opinions. Doe the children ofGod loueon this manner ? No, the holy Ghoftwlsich theyhaue receiued inef- feânall manner, Both !bed thefeede ofloue intheir hearts, andBoth worke in them a fpeciall likingofhis goodneffe, of his righteoufneffe, and ofhis holinefl'e : and 'there- xomrhef irtw fore of fincere affeétton they loue hint. As the naturall childe loueth his father natu- folllone God. rally, and though hisfather beatehim, yet beareth he it, and !till loueth him : fo doe the children of Goddeaieç They havepowred into them (as Saint Peterfaith) agodienature, p",.,3.4. fo,thatthey doefreely loue Godtheir father:and thoughheafflibt them, or trolle them in their delires, yetthey louehim, and in loueperforme their obediencevntohim continu- ally : therefore lob faith, Thoughhekill mevet wilt ltrufEinhim : They thereforeare laidto have receiueda freefpirit ,and to ferueGod in the libertieof the fpirit.And whoTeethnot this tobe a plaine andmanifeft differencehetweene them ? thereforewe maywell take it as a thirdmarke or rule,whereby toproue and trie ourfettles. The fourth The fourth andTaft rule is, in confidering the workeandeffeawhich Godsmerciere- rote. reined, dothworke in vs : for, herein doethe wicked thew their wickedneffetwowayes. Themerciesof Firft,on theright hand,themerciesofGoddoe workein thema wonderful!contentation: God,bovuthey -but notfuch as caufeth them to returne the glory vnto God, nay rather it is fuck, as can- vvoriteinthe` feththem to take allglorie tothemfelues : forthe gracesof God doe puffe them vp, and vvtckcd. make them proud, and conceited in themfelues. Hereof there aril-all a greatfecuritie, which bringeth firft negleti, andafterwarde contempt ofall goodmeanes, whereby they flioìild grow vp ingoodnefle.On thelefthand others offend,being neuerpleafednor con- tentedwith that theyhaue : nay, indeedeforgettingand lightly esteeming that they haue, Naresoffana and(tilldeftring new. Thielemen befides thatthey bevnthankefull, theydoe alto murmur tiJ cariwi. and grudge againstGod,andare neuerpleafed with him.Betwcene theretwo,doe the chil- drenof GodBold a middle andeuen course : and therefore we !hall feethefe thingsin them. Firft, a fightand anacknowledgingofthe wantswhich doe moue then,as S.Peter faith, Likenewborne babes, to defzre thefweeteandfncere milke of theword, thatthereby the gracestheyhaue,may be increafedand theirother wants may be fupplied:and fofarreare Note. theyfrom being puffedvp with pride, !that they reioycc whentheir pride may bepulled downer ortheir haughtinefièabated, either by fomefharpe rebuke, or by fume fearefull threatning,orbyfomemoderate corre&ion from theLord. Forthey know, thatif it wete needefuflfor S.Pardto bebuffeted,and that by theminilter ofSatan, to theintent that his pridemight bebeaten downe:then it is much more needefull for them,after fundriewayes -tobehumbled.Befides,they donot only delireÿ word, but theyallo waite vpon theLord, Simile. vntillit *are him to worke further in them thereby : and this waiting is asearneft as is theirs,whohailingwatchedall the night,doe waiteand looke for thedawning ofthe day. Secondly,as theyfeetheir Wants,fo allothey feethat gracetheyhaue receiued,and-are e for that time wellappayed, and contented therewith : and therefore astheir wants doe humble them, fo thegracesof God receiued doe comfort them : and astheir wants doe call vpon them,and causethemto feeke more, tothat they haue, doth provoke them tobe thankefull for that they haue receiued. See then aquite contrary courfe ofthe wicked, and tholethat of linceriut doe worShipGod: feel fay,howcontrarily the gracesand gifts of