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Theficonc/Sermori. from doinggood?Moreouer it is hire, that when the-giftsofthe fpirit are in this fortgone, then he that was molt righteousbefore, may loonefall intogreat (in nes,'yea and which is more, theyThai alfofnffer the repro(hof their finnes: For this is a part of the couenant th t Godmade with his. Thatthough he will not takehismercies vital)from them, ,et hewill 7tifto theirfttneswith the rod, andtfieir iniquitiesxrith.fcourges: and what griefe this is the example ofGodschildren sway fheu'vs. What grief was it to Noal, to become isIaugh ng F.ra.mpie. ftocketo his ownefoone.? What heart-breakingtoDauid, by his owitefoinetobetbruit from his kingdorne? Sogrieuouswere thole punifhnients laid vpon them,that if without any refpr& of hell or heauen, we couldconfider of them, we had rather want all the plea- firesof liaise, which theyenioyed, thenwe would heave the reproch and feele the paine which they fuffered. Laftofall,when thegraces ofthe fpiritofGod are once decayedidrey canneuer be repayred and recovered, biit with much forrow and great danger t for it cannot but breede much forrow ofheart, to remember his formerfinies, to examineand Their f stos/ fee the greatnes ofthem, to apply Gods iudgements. to them, and to proueke himfelfeto tir a rely ,e. forrowfor them. This is as it were togoe through thepikes, and through a purgatorieii this prefent life; and yet this muff be done, betbrewe can recourr Gods graces againe. Againe, it is a very daungerous thing: forin ¡inch cafes men are brought as it were with Iona, into the bottovie of the lea : and as David faith, intothe deeps waters, fo thatallelic forges andwaves doe palleand flow ouer him. Nowweknowwhat dangerit is for a man to be thrust ouer headand cares into thedeepewaters : andtherefore they thatare in fuch a cafe, are in great danger : wherefore all dick things confidered, the lobeofall oarla- bour,the Meof alltrue ioy,thevnfitnes todoegood, the readines to fume ; the griefeand daungee that enfueth thereof, will, orat the leaft wife may taufe vs to beware how we quench the fpirit. And this is the vfeofthedoc&rive, in humbling of vs: whichallocloth furthermore ferue to comfort vs, knowing that we May füffera great decayof Godsgra- ces ; yet bythe rod,orby theword ofGod, or by both, theyThan be renewed invsagaine. And thus muchof this commaundement chat the Apoftle giuetliliere, that we fhouldnot quench the fpirit. 9 F11ilIS. OF MVRMVRINGa THE SECOND SERMON. Exodus 16.z. via all thecongregation of¡frac!murmuredagainfi MofrandAaron. Anymen. now adayes hearing the often murmurings of the children of feat!, doe euenlpitatthem, and account them as theworftpeople vnderthe Swine, which would fo often andfo obftinately rebellagainft the Lord. But there men Wehe as ready do little confider either the temptations,wherewitlr the Ilraelites were prouoked to murmuras tomurmur, or the corruptionof their ownehearts, whichwillas bitterly murmure vpon oho r¡; arhrer, late