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6o `ZhefecondSermon. kffe occafion. Foralbeit they wereanobltinate and (lifenecked people, as Mofer witnef- feth ofthem,euer!rote theycame out ofEgypt vntillnow yet here nodoubt theywerevehe- mently tempted,when they from the plentieofall things,which inEgypttheyenjoyed, were broughtintoarough & defectwildernes,being fixe hundred thoufandmen,befides women and chüdren,and greatforeof cattell,hauingneithermeate nor drink; wherwith they might benourifhed. Whereforelet vs ceafe to wonderat this people, and let vsin them feeour owne¿orruption, andwee íha!I 'indeitobras greatas euerthejrs was. For donot manymen I pray you euenamong(}vs,beholding the ofothers,or theplen- tieofthings which theLordbeftoweth vpon hisMagiftraces, or minifters,for the faithful! 4(uvmaring. difcharge oftheir duties, doethey not Ifaymurmure againit Godsferuantsfet ouer them? And aretheynotmore grieuedfor thewant ofinch things,then thankful forthat the Lord hath freed them from fuch troubles; which others haue, or giuen them fuflìcient to hue upon ? True it is, notwithftanding thegreatnesofthispeoples temptation, yet their fine waswicked inthem,andgreat and hainous in the fight ofGod,becaufe that whereas they had oftentimes manifold waies,andafter a wonderful'mannerfelt and tattedofthegood- nesofthe Lord,in fomuch that thevery vnthankfulleft of them all, had been drivento confelfeit:(for wonderful' was their deliverance out ofEgypt,fo miraculous was their preferuationat the red fea,and infinite 'mercies more above hope and expebtation be. (towedvpon them)yet now forgetting all his former benefits, would fo grudge and mur- murefor thewant ofnteate,that rather thenthey wouldfo continue ftill,theywould with Nature of againe to returneto bondage. And indeedcfuck is thenature ofmurmuring,that itwill murm ring eaufeman not onely toforget Godsbenefits,butto forget that hee is a man. Itpreuailed fo muchwith this people, that theywifhed themfelues againe in Egypt, although they knew that there theywere molt miferablyafidìed: and that theLord incarrying thethi- ther at thefirft,did iniultice punish them for theirfin.And thiswithcftheirs is asmuch as if they fhould hauefait, would theLord hadat once wears off and deftroyedvs,rather then left vs in thiscafe: thus they werecontented todoe., fo that they might haue their bellies full, and rather then they would depart from their flesh-potsandocher pleafurer, whichinEgypt they enioyed. Many arelikeminded to their peoplenow adaies : for we fee diners vpon their death-beds very (infeles and fecure, who can becontentedwith o- Veatb. pen mouthto recordthegoodnetfe ofGod towards them in things concerning this"pre- fentlife : but in themeantune,being withouthope,lénfe orfeelingof the fweeteioyes to come,doe dyethusby their flesh- pots. Otherfome,ifthey bee brought to any miferie, as rmpatientiea, pouercie,ficknes, or fucl like, doe beare it toimpatiently, that intheir hearts, and often- timesin open fpeechesthey with theyneuer hadbeenborne: (hewing thereby that their flefh-pots doe more like them, and theirhealth doth better pleafe them, then thegood- nes and-toning countenanceofthe Lord. Noneof allthefedoeeuerconfiderwhatthey haue receiuedof theLord, but their eyes arehill vpon their waists; and thewant ofone thing that theydoe defire,though it bebut ftnall,is more difquietne(fe vntothem,andma- Kota. keth them tomurmure, more then the enioyingofmany benefits which they have,can quiet theirhearts,in the trultofGods prouidence,ormake them thankfull.Nowif any of vs (hall be brought towith our death by thegriefcofanya(Hiétion,let vs (hakeit offand put it farrefrom vs,the delire is euill : for itis better(as Salomon faith)to bea liningdogge, thena deadlyon. For be weeneuer fomiferablewhilefwee hue,there is a time left forre- Fauour ofGod pentance,but after death there is none: therforeinthy life time labour to feeleGods mer- boroprecious. cie in Ielus Chriit, and then nomiferie Thai' euerhurtthee, till thou be gathered intohis kingdome. This thaltthou learn to doe Wilson canft receiuethe fauourofGod for itfelfe,though it come alone, yea though troubledoe come therewith, knowing and perfwading thine owne heart, that hauing it thou haft all things; andifthou want n,yetingreateftabun- dancethou haft nothing. Againe,if thou haue it, no manner of miferie can make thee miferable : and if thouhaue it not, in greateltfelicitie thou arcmoth miferable. But the Ifraelices dealt here aftera Beane contrarie manner : for the wantof bread here in the wildernelle,being but for their bodies,did make themto defpife their greatand wonder- full