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Ïifiory ofthe Puritans, examin'd. 95 ' nor declare to that ftraying Flock of our Brethren ' in England, who havemilled them. But that your ' Lordfhip may be more fenfible of the Church's Calamities, and of the danger fhe is in of being ruined, if God be not merciful unto her ; I have fent you part of my Dilcoveries, and it from. cre. dible Hands, at this prefent, having fo fure a Meffenger, and fo fit an Opportunity. It plainly appears, that in the Year i 646, by ' Order fromRome, above zoo ofthe Romi/h Clergy were fent into England, confifling of Engl, Scotch and Irk, who had been educated in France, ' Italy, Germany and Spain, part of thefe within ' the feveral Schools there appointed for their In- ' ffru Lions. In each of thefe Romifh Nurferies, thefe Scholars were taught feveral Handicraft Trades and Callings, as their Ingenuity were molt bending, befides their Orders or Funáions of that ' Church. They have many yet at Paris a fitting up to be fent over, who twice in the Week oppofe one the other ; one pretending Presbytery, the other Independency, force Anabaptifin, and other con- ' trary Tenents, dangerous and prejudicial to the ' Church of England, and to all the Reformed Churches here abroad. But they are wifely pre- ' paring to prevent thefe Defigns, which I heartily with were confidered in England among the Wife there. When the Romfh Orders do thus arguepro and con, there is appointed one of the Learned of thofe Convents, to take Notes and to judge. And as he finds their Fancies, whether for Prep ' bytery, Independency, flnabai tifm, /ltheifm, or for any new Tenents ; fo accordingly they be to ad, and to exercife their Wits. Upon the Permiffion when they be fent abroad, they enter their Names in the Convent Regiftry, all() their Licences : If 4 a