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94 Mr:. N E A L 's IIa VOL, of the Epifcopacy odious to all ReformedProteftant§ abroad : it has wrought fo much on divers of the Foreign Minifters of the Proteflants, that they efteem our Clergy little better than Paps, The main things that they hit in our teeth are, c our Bithops be called Lords ; the Service of the 1 Church, the Crofs in Baptifm, Confirmation, bowing at the Name of fefus, the Communion- Tables placed Altar -ways ; our Manner of Con - ' fecrations : and feveral other matters which be of' late buzz'd into the heads of the foreign Clergy, to7 make your Grievances the lefs regarded, in cafe ofa Change, which is aim'd at, if not fpeedily prevented. Your Grace's Letter is carefully delivered by my Gentleman's own hands unto the Prince. Thus, craving your Grace's hearty Prayers for my Undertakings abroad, as alfo for my fafe Ar- rival, that I may have the Freedom to kifs your Grace's Hands, and to tell you more at large of thefe things ; 1 reft, Tour Grace's Molt Humble Servant, Bague, Dune 12, 1640. W. B. A Letter from the Right Reverend fohn Brain- hall Bifhop of Derry, (afterwards Primate of Ire- land) to the molt Reverend 7atnes /her, Archbi- thop ofArmagh. * MO Reverend, I thank God, I do take my Pilgrimage pa4- tiently, yet I cannot but condole the Change of the Church and State of .England, and more in my Pilgrimage than ever, becaufe I dare not witnefs Taken from the Letters publifhed by Dr. rams, and printed for Natb, Ranew, 1686. Penes me. 6 nor