Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

H` ory of the Puritans, exarin'cI. 97 of the King ? It was anfwered, Would to God it i were eome to that point. It was anfwer'dagain, Yourfelves have preach'd fo much againft Rome, and his Holinefs, that Rome and her Romanifts will be little better for that Change. But it was anfwer'd, You !hall have Mafs fufficient (for 100000) in a fhort Space, and the Governours never the wifer. Then fome of the mercifulleft of the Romanifts faid,This cannot be done, unlefs the King die. Upon which Argument the Ro- mfh Orders thus licens'd, and in the Parliament- ' Army, wrote unto their feveral Convents, but efpecially to the Scrbonifts, Whether it may be ferupled to make awayour late godly King, and his Majefty his Son, our King and Mafter who, blef ed be God, hath efcap'd their Romifh Snares laid for him ? It was return'd from the Sorbonifs, That it was lawful for Roman Catholicks to work Changes in Governments for the Mother Church's Advantage, and chiefly in Heretical Kingdoms ; and fo, lawful to makeaway the King. Thus much to my Knowledge have I feen and heard, lnce my leaving your Lordfhip, which I thought very requifite to inform your Grace ; for myfelfwould_hardly have credited thefe things, had not .mine Eyes feen fure Evidence ofthe fame. Let thefe things fleepwithin your gracious Lord- ' fhip's Breaft, and not awake but upon lure Grounds ; fbr this Age can truft no Man, there being fo great Fallacy amongft Men : fo the Lord preferve your Lordfhip in Health, for the Nation's Good, and the Benefit of your Friends, which (hall be the Prayer of ytfl'y 20. .F;i4, Tour Humble Servant, 7. Dere=lay's. fl. And