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98 Mr. NEAL'SIP Vol. ofthe And Peter du Moulin, no Favourer of Popery, gives variety of Proofs to the fame purpofe, as Mr. Neal may be convinced, by referring to his Book cited in the * Margin. Neal, p. 186. But notwithflanding this Protefa- lion, [of the IrV. Bifhops againft a Toleration of Popery] the Papifls gain'd their Point, and in the Fourth Tear of the King's Reign had a Toleration granted thein, in Confideration of the Sum of One Hundred and Twenty Thoufand Pounds to be paid in Three Tears. ± Collier lays, ' That this Refolution of the Bi- g (hops prevail'd with the Government, to wave the Thoughts of a Toleration, and pitch upon force other Expedient.' Neal, p. 186. T'o fhew that Bop Laud could not be ignorant of the dangerous Increafe of Popery in Ireland ; the Bi'eop Elet7 of Kilmore, Dr. Beadle, f nt him the following Account about this Time. "The " Popifn Clergy are more numerous than thole of the « Church of England. They have their Officials and Vicar Generals for Ecclefiaflical jurifdiaion, and are lb hardy as to excommunicate thofe who ap- pear at the Courts cf the Proteftants. Almoff 'C every Parifh has a Prief of the Romifh Corn - ' munion, Maffes are finetimes faid in Churches, and excepting a fewBritifh Planters, not amount- " ing to the Tenth Part of the People, -the ref are all " declar'd Recufàn. ts. In each Diocef there are not above feven or eight of the Reform'd Clergy well quaked. But thefe not underfanding the Lan- ' guage oftheNatives, cannot perfi rin D:vine Service, nor converfe with their Parifsioners to advantage, " and conrequently are in no Capacity to put a flop to Superflition." * Du Moulin's Anfwer to a Jeíúitical Libel, entitled, Phila- nax Anglicus. Printed 1664, P. 0, çg' &c. t Collier, °p. 735. See likew;fe Cyprian..2nglic. p. zo6. Here