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oq- Mr. N E A L 's II Vol of the Non-Payment. Mr. Chambers was_fined Two Thou- fandPounds, befides the lofs of his Goods, and f ffer'd fix Tears Imprifonment. 6 * Tho' this Fine of Mr. Chambers's efl.reated into theExchequer, it was order'd by the Court of Exechequer, that the Goods fhould be deliver'd up to the faid Chambers, upon the Payment of fo much Money into Court, as the Duties demand- ' ed by the King did amount' to.' Neal, p. 196. Mr. Rolles's Warehoufes were lock'd up, and himfelftaken out oftheHoufe of Commons, and imprifon'd. This occafion'dforce warm Speeches againfk the Cullom-hoof Officers, and Farmers of the Reve- nues ; but the King took all upon himfelf, andfent the Houfe word, that what the Officers had done, was by bis fpecial Direction and Cormand, and that it was not fo much their Ad as his own. Mr. Ru/h-worth fets this Affair in a much clearer. Light; 1- ' Whilft the Houfe was in Debate touching Matters of Religion, the Warehoufe of Mr. Rolls (Merchant and Member of the Houfe, then fitting in Parliament) was lock'd up by a Purfuivant,and himfelf call'd forth from the Corn- ' mittce and ferv'd with a Subpona. This gave Occafîon of fmart Debates in the Houle force Paid, they were made the Subject of Scorn and Contempt ; others conceiv'd this to be a Bone thrown in by them, that had drawn a Cloud on the true Religion, to divert or interrupt them in the Profecutionof that Matter ; and they defir'd theMeffenger might be fent for and examin'd, by what Procurement the Subpoena was taken forth. Sir Humphrey ?vlay., Chancellor ofthe Dutchy, and one ofthe Privy- Council, aired the Houfe,That this neither proceeded from the King nor Council, and therefore defied it might be fearch'd to the Frankland's Annals, p. 36y. + Vol. I. p. 653. bottom.