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H'iflory of the Puritans, examin'd. a03, Neal, Ibid. But the Calvinifts underftood the King's Intention, and complain'd in a Petition, of the Reftraints they were laid under, by his Majefiy's for- bidding them to preach thefaving Doctrines of God's Free Grace in Eles/ion, and Predeftination to Eternal Life, according to the 17th-Article of the Church. The very Learned and Reverend Dr. Waterland furnifhes me with a very good Anfwer to this Ob- je6tion. * .' In the Year 1628, the King pref x'd his fa- mous Declaration to a New Edition of the Arti- cles; which Declaration was defign'd chiefly to bridle the CalviniÏis, but indeed to filence the Predeftinarian Controverfy on both fides. The Calvin f s made loud Complaints againft it ; the King had confin'd them to the general Meaning of the Articles, the plain and full Meaning ; had prohibited any new Senfe, and the drawing the Article afide. This they interpreted to be laying a Reftraint upon them, from preaching the Paving DoEtrines of God's Free Grace in EieEion and Predeftination. But why fo, if Calvinifm had be. fore been incorporated into our Articles, or if it were not a new Senfe, and befide their plain and full Meaning? This Complaint from that quarter looks like a Confeß'ion, that our Articles were not in themfelves Calviniftical ; and that Calvinifm could not be taught without introducing a New Senfe,, and drawing the Articles afide ; or how- ` ever, not without being more particular, than the Articles had been.' Neal,` p. 195. ABill was depending in the Houfe togrant his Majefty the Duties of tonnage and Poun- dage ; but before it was pafs'd, the Cuftom-houfe Offi- cers feiz'd the Goods of three eminent Merchants, Mr. Rolls, Mr. Chambers, and Mr. Vaffal, for * Dr. Graterland's Supplement to the Cafe ofj Arian Sub- fcription, p. 56. H 4 Non-