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i o6 Mr. Iii E A L'S IF d Vol. of the was an abfolute Right and Power in us to adjourn, ' as well as to prorogue or diffolve ; and declar'd and read unto them, divers Precedents of that Houle, to warrant the fame ; yet our Command 6 was moft contemptuoufly difobey'd : and force riling up to fpeak, faying, they had Bufinefs to do before the Houle fhould be adjourn'd ; the Speaker again declar'd our exprefs and peremp- tory Command to adjourn ; and that himfelf fhould prefently leave the Houfe, and come un' ' to us: which he offer'd to do, but was withftood by two, that had of purpofe placed themfelves one t on either fide of the Speaker's Chair, and by Force held him in for a time. Yet the Speaker finding means to get out of the Chair, and pur- poling to come to us, as we had commanded, thofe two, and divers others, caught hold of him, and by ftrong hand brought him back, and fet him in the Chair againft his Will. And then a Member of that Houfe cafe out a moft feditious e Paper, framed by himfelf and his Adherents, without any Warrant from the Houfe, and con - . taining a Profription offuch, as in Duty and Q- bedience to us, should advife or afiift us in the Receipt of `Í'onnage and Poundage, or fhould pay " that Duty, as Enemies to the State, and required ' it fhould be read. A moft audacions Infolency for any to perfume to do that of their own heads, which if the whole Houfe had done in that man- ner, had been above their Power, and had de- . ferv'd the higheft Cenfure. But the Speaker re- fufng to read it, the Author of it took on him moft fedi_ioufly and fadioufly to declare the Con- ' tents of it ; and he and his other Adherents re- , quir'd it fhould be put to the Cueftion : which being miflik'd by many grave and wife Men in the Houfe, and refus'd by the Speaker ; (as we doubt not but all good Men will believe he had taufe,.