Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Hfory of thePuritans, examin'd. 107 caufe, and even abhor'd the Memory of that in- ' folent and feditious A&) yet many bitter Taunts and Invectives were uttered againft the Speaker, by thofe faEtious Perfons ; and the Doors being fait lock'd, fuch as were well afeded to our Ser- vice were, againft`their Wills, kept in the Houfe all the time of this Tumult and Diforder. And when Advertifement came to us, That the Houfe was in great Diftemper, we firft fent for the Ser- jeant of the Houfe, whom they, after they knew our Pleafure therein, prefumptuoufly detain'd. And after, we fent a Mefíenger unto them, by the Gentleman-Ufher of the Higher Houfe; but he coming to the Door, and declaring that he had ` a Meffage from us, was refufed to be admitted ; and being kept at the Door a long time, at laft the Houle adjourn'd themfelves, without recei- ving our Meffage. A Proceeding fo irregular, as no Parliament can parallel; when our abfolute Commands warranted by Law, and Precedents of former Times were difobey'd ; the Speaker vio- lated , our Meffenger and Meffage excluded, which ought to be admitted, if they were a Houle ; and if they were not a Houfe, they ought not at 1111 to have difputed, much lefs to blaft the Honour of our Servants, to profcribe our belt SubjeEts, and give Law to Sovereignty, ftriking at the very Effence of Monarchy. By all which it appears, that there wanted not Men in that Houle, that would get themfelves a Name, by fetting Diana's Temple on fire, and make themfelves popular, by putting all the Kingdom in combuftion. For what other End 4 could there be in that malicious Speech, where- ` by a wicked Shimei at that time would 'make us odious in the Eyes of all our People, as if it were meant to transfer all Trade, and give the 6 Fatnefs of the Land to Strangers! A Conceit (we