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108 Mr. N E A L 's IIa Vol. of the (we call God to witnefs) which never entred into ' our Soul, and we think never harbour'd in any Heart , but that feditious Heart which firft broach'd it: for God forbid we fhould love any ' Ends fo well, as by any Neceffïty be driven to forget that indiffoluble Bond between us and our People.' And yet how favourable does our Hi- fcorian fpeak of this Matter ! Neal, p. 197. On the Tenth of March, the King came to the Houfe of Lords, and without fending for the Commons, or paling one Jingle lilt, difolved the Parliament, with a very angry Speech againfl the leading Members of the Lower Houfe, whom he cal- led Vipers, that calf a Miff of Undutifulnefs over molt of their Eyes. And as theft Vipers (lays his Majefty) vnuft lookfor their Rewardof Punnaent, fo you, my Lords, muff juftly expel from me that Favour, that a good King oweth to his loving andfaithful Nobility. 'Twould have become an impartial Hiflorian, to have given us the King's Words uncurtail'd *_ ' Yet, to avoid (rays the King) their Miftakings, let me ' tell you, that it is fo far from me to adjudge all that Houfe guilty ; I know there are many there as dutiful Subje&s as any in the World ; it being but Tome Vipers amongft them, that cafe this Milt of Undutifulnef over moft of their Eyes. Yet, to ' lay truth, there was a good number there, that would not be infested with this Contagion ; info- ' much, that forne did exprefs their Duties in fpeak- ing, which was the general Fault of the Houle the laft Day. To conclude, as theft Vipers, &c.' The ± Proclamation for diffolving this Parliament, bears Date the Second Day of March; but Mr. * King Charles's Works, p.166. Rufhworth, Vol.I. p. 662. Echard, Vol. II. p. 79. k Continuation of Rymer's Fwdera, by Sanderfan, Vol. XIX. p. z 9. Rufhworrh, p. 66o. Rufhwortb, p. 66z. Rufh-