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i i0 Mr. N E A L's IId Vol. of the gave us occafion to look into that Bufinefs of T'on- ' nage and Poundage. And therefore, tho' our Ne- ' ceßïties pleaded for us, yet we were not apt to ftrain that Point too far, but refolved to guide ourfelves by the Pra&ice of former Ages, and Examples ofour moll: noble Predeceffors ; think- ' ing thofe Counfels belt warranted , which the Wifdom of former Ages, concurring with the ' prefent Occafions, did approve : and therefore gave order for a diligent Search of Records. Up- ' on which it was found, that although in the Par- ' liament holden in the firlt Year of the Reign of King Edward IV. the Subfidy of Tonnage and Poundage was not granted unto that King, but was fiHt granted to him by Parliament, in the ' third Year of his Reign ; yet the fame was ac- ' counted and anfwered to the King, from the first Day of his Reign, all the firft and fecond Years of his Reign, until it was granted by Parliament. And that in the fucceeding times of King Richard III. King Henry VII. King Henry VIII. King Edward VI. Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth, the Subfidy of Tonnage and Poundage was not only enjoyed by every of thofe Kings and Queens, from the Death of each of them deceafing, until it was granted in Parliament unto the Succefor; but in all thofe times, (being, for the molt part, peaceable, and not burdened with like Charges and Necelíities as thofe modern Times) the Par ' liament did molt readily and chearf uly, in the beginning of every of thofe Reigns, grant the fame, as a thing molt neceftry for the guarding of the Seas, Safety and Defence of the Realm, and Supportation of the Royal Dignity. And in the time of our Royal Father of bleffed Me- ' mory, he enjoy'd the faille a full Year, wanting fome few Days, before the Parliament began, and above a Year before the AEt of Parliament for Grant