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Htory ofthe Puritans, examined. ar I ` Grant of it was paffed ; * and yet when the Par- ' liament was affembied, it was granted without ` difficulty. And in our own Time, we quietly ` received the fame three Years and more, expec- ting with patience in feveral Parliaments, the like Grant thereof, as had been made to fo many of our Predeceffors ; the Houfe of Commons fti11 profefí'ing, that Multitudeof other Bufinefs, and not want of Willingnefs on their parts, had caufed the fettling thereof to be fo long deferr'd,&c. And ` therefore upon thefe Reafons, we held it agreeable to our Kingly Honour, and neceffary for theSafe- ` ty and Honour ofour Kingdom, to continue the Receipt thereof, as fo many of our Predeceffors ` had done. Wherefore, when a few Merchants (being at firft but one or two) fomented, as it ` is well known, by thofe evil Spirits, that would have hatched that undutiful Remonftrance, began to oppofe the Payment ofour accuftomed Duties ' in the Cuftom-hoäfe, we gave Order to the Of- t ficers of our Cuftoms to go on, notwithltanding that Oppofition, in receiving the ufual Duties, and ' caufed thole that refufed to be warned to attend at the Council Board, that by the Wildom and Au- ' thority of our Council, they might be reduced to Obedience and Duty : where fome of them, with- ' out Reverence or Refpe6t to the Honour and Dignity of that Prefence, behaved themfelves ' with fuch Boldnefs and Infolency of Speech, as was not to be endured by a far meaner Affembly, much lets to be countenanced by a Houle of Par- ' liament againft the Body of our Privy-Council.' Neal, p. 198. The Declaration concludes with a Prcfeon, That the King will maintain the tare Re- ligion of the Church of England, without conniving at Popery or Schifm ; t,5at he will maintain {the ancient and jufti Rights and Liberties of his Szrlje `s, [with Anno primo Jacobi Regis, cap. ;3, fo