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/18 Mr. N E A L 's IF Vol. of the novations. He was confined four Months, before the Comrn/oners exhibited any Articles again,,i him. From York he was carried up to Lambeth, and from thence tack again to York, where he was deprived of his Pre- bendary, it íhould be Prebend] degraded, excommuni- cated, fined Fivehundred Pounds, committed clofe Pri- finer, where be continued eleven Tears, till he was fit at liberty by the Long Parliament in 164o. Anthony Wood informs us, (Athenæ, Vol. II. p $1.) that he was firft queí{fined in the High-Con:- miffion Court at Durham. How deferving he was of this Punithment, I will not fay, yet cannot but think force Paffages in his Sermon highly provoking. * ' The Whore of Ba- bylon's baftardly Brood, doating upon their Ma- ' ther's Beauty, that painted Harlot the Church of Rome, has labour'd to reftore her all her Robes and Jewels again, efpecially her Looking-glafs the Mafs, in which the may behold all her Bra- very : for they, defpifing all the plain Simplicity of that grave Matron, Cbrift's holy Spoufe, have turned her Offices all out of doors, with all her Houthold-Stuff, her Tables, her Books, her Cups, her Communions, the very Names of her Minifters : inftead whereof, the Words Pried and Altar are taken up by them ; becaufe with - out a Prieft no Sacrifice can be offer'd ; without Prieft and Sacrifice, there is no Life of an Altar ; and without all three, there can be no Mafs. Before, we. had Minifters, as theScripture calls 4 them, we had Communion -Tables, we had Sa- crainents ; but now we have Priefts, we have Sa- crifices, and Altars, with much AltarFurniture, a and many Mailing Implements. Nay, what want we ? Have we not all Religion again ? For ifRem ligion confifts in Altar- ducking, Cope- wearing, * Peter Smart's Sermon in the Cathedral of Donlan; pay i 17. 162.5, p. a I> Leans Rev. Mo. Baer, S.T.B. e Organ-