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Hi,J?ory ofthe Puritans, examin'd 1.1 9 Organ-playing, Piping and Singing, croffing of Cufhions, kifing of Clouts, oft ftarting up, and fquatting down, nodding of Heads, and whirling about till their Notes Rand eaftward ; in Candlefticks, Crucifixes, burning of Wax- ' Candles, and (what is wont of all) gilding of Angels, garnifhing Images, and letting them up: if, I fay, Religion confifts in there, and inch like Superftitious Vanities, Ceremonial Fooleries, Apifh Toys, and Popifh Trinkets, we had never more Religion than now. [Ibid. p. 23, 24.] They are Whores and Whoremongers, they commit fpiritual Fornication , who bow their Bodies before the Idol. Altar. [Ib. p. 26.] I have heard of a Devil that preach'd, I have ' heard of a Fryar that preach'd in a Rope ; but I never heard of a Devil or Fryar that preach'd ' in a Cope.' [Ib. p. 36.] There are many more exceptionable Paffages in the Sermon ; but there are fufficient to (how the Spirit of the Man, who was called by Mr. Rouze, in a Speech before the Houfe of Commons, March 16. 1640. * the Protomartyr, and he moved for a. Cenfure upon Dr. Coufens, Dr. Manwaring, and Dr. ,Beale, who had been inftrumental in having him cenfured in the High-Commiílion Court. Neal, ibid. He was a Perron of grave and reve- rend 4fpeot, but died 'bon after his Releafe; the Se- verity of a long Imfrifonnaent having contributed to the fhortening his Days. t Peter Smart was 76 Years old 1643, and was alive October 12. 1647 : fo that his Days were not muchJhortned, he being So Years old ; and he fur- vived his Releafe 7 Years, or more. * Speeches and Paffages of this great and happy Parliament, Publifhed 1641, p. 45. See a Character of Smart, Archbifhop Land's Trial and Troubles, p. 113. l Septuagenarü fenis Itinerantis Cant. Epithadam. Dat, Fe& t6. 1643. star. 76. penes Reverend. The. Baker. I4 Neal,