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i x24. Mr. N E A L'S 'IJd Vol. of the * Othcbó t. By the firft, 'tis ordered to be conic- crated within two Years; and by the fecond, within a Year. f' And the Confecration of Churches is fully proved to be primitive, by Dr. Heylin Neal, ibid. Ibis Method cfconfecrating Churches was new to the People of England, ánd was in the Opinion of the firft Reformers fuperflitious and abfurd. muff confefs, (lays Heylin) that there oc- curs no Form of fuch Confecration in our Engiifh Liturgies; thofe Times were more inclinable to the pulling downof old Churches, than building of new ; witnefs the demolition of fo many Hof: "s pitals, Chanteries, and Free Chappels, in the un- fortunate Minority of Edward VI. But when the Tithes were better fettled, and that new Churches began to be erected; and old ones to ' be repair'cl, fome Bifhops made a Form of Con fecration to be ufed by themfelves on fuch Oc- canons. And others followed a Form compofed by Bifhop Andrews, a Manas averle as any from the Corruptions and Superftitions of the Church 4 of Rente: Neal, p. a33. Henry Sheffield Efq; a Bencher of.Lincoln's-Inn, and Recorder of the City ofSarum:, was tried in the Star-Chamber, May zo. 1632, for taking down fömepainted Glafs out of one of the Win- ,lows of Saint Edmund's Church in Salifbury, in which were (even Pictures of God the Father, in the Formof a little old Man in a blue and red Coat, With per Diecefanos Epifcopos. ad quos pertinent, vel earum autloritate,, per alios confecrentur; ficque infra fimile tempus fiat in Ecslefîit confiruendis. Et ne tam fälubre M'yfterium, ac Statutum tran- feat in Contemptum, fa loca bujufmodi non fuerint infra Biennium a Perfeblioriis tempere dedicata, a: Mifarum falemniis u/que ad confecrationem mauere flatuimus interditia, nil aliquîx caf ram. tiona,.bíli excufentur. Bül:op Gibfan's Codex, p. bio. Conflit. °thabon. A. D. 1168. ç' Hen. III. j IntroduLion to gyprianus Anglicus, p. It. ibid. a