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Htor ofthePuritans, examia 'd. 12 3 ' Willingham, at the time of his Trial, in reference to Creed Church.' Neal, p. ago. He read leveral Colleas ; in one of which, he prays God to accept of that beautiful B'ui!- ding; and concludes thus: We confecrate this Church, and feparate it unto thee as Holy Ground, not to be profaned any more to common .Ufe. In a Form of Dedication and Confecration of a Chappel in MSS, in Archbifhop Laud's own hand, bound up with the Form ofCoronation,bef òre men- tioned, I find a Colle& much differing from this. ' Accept then, we befeech thee, O gracious Fa- ' then, of this our bounden Duty and Service ; ac- cept of this for thine Houle ; and becaufe Holi- nefs becometh thine Houle, fan&ify this with thy gracious Prefence, which is ere&ed to the Ho- nour of thy glorious Name.' Neal, p. 221. The next Day he con,,lecrated' Saint . Gyles's Church in the fame manner, which had been repair'd, andpart of it new built, in his Prxdecefor's Bop Mountain's time. t Heylin fays, it was confecrated the Sunday after. Neal, ibid. Divine Service had been performed, and the Sacraments adminiftred in it, for threeor four Tears farce that time, without Exception; but as Tenn as Laud was advanced to the Bifhoprick of London, he interdicted the Church, and Phut up the Doors, till it fhould be reconfecrated ; which is more than the Canon Law requires. This is boldly aíferted, and but flenderly pro- ved,; its being ufed after Rebuilding, was dire&- ly contrary to the Conftitutions of II Otho and Otho- 4.' MSS inSt. John's Library Cambridge, i zmO. N0 z. p. 68. -j- Heyliris Cyprianus Anglicus, p. zo'. 1I Conftit. Otho,A. D. t z ;7. z z Hen. III. Statuimus, & Sta- tuendopracipimus, ut omnes Cathedrales,Conventuales, & Parochi- fles EccleJui, qua font confirude, infra Biennium, ter,.