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¡3':jIory of the Puritans, examina, x29 Tear 1628, a Defence of the molt ancient and facred Órdinancé ofGod, the Sabbath-Day, anddedicated it to the King. But Fuller obferves, That the poor Man fell into the 2Ambufh of the High CommYion, whofe well-tezper'd Severity fo well prevail'd with him, f' That fubmitting hrmfelf to a private Confe- rence, and perceiving the Unfoundnefs of his own Principles. Omitted by Mr. Neal.', That he became a Convert, and confor°m'd quietly to the Church of England. * Brabourn, a Clergyman in Suff'ik, afferted, That the Lord's-Day was an ordinary Working- ' Day, and of confequence the 7ewifh Sabbath ought to be obferv'd as fuch, which appear'd at laft with open Confidence, with an Epiftle Dedi- catory to the King.' Dr..Ieylin obferves upon it, ± ' That his Malefty was fo extremely mov'd at fo lewd an Impudence,and fearing to bethought ' the Patron of. a Dottrine fo. abhorrent from all hrißian PP 'ty, he order'd the Author to be cenfured in the High Commi{ilon.' And Dr. Rollin worth, fpeáking of the Bookof Sports, Gays, # That whofoever obferves the Liberty there gi- ven, the Reftraints laid clown, and the Reafons of both, muff acknowledge all coritain'd there- in, to proceed from a truly Chriftian Difpolr- tion.' Nay Calvin allows of lawfúl Recreations upon that Day to Servants. Rogeri's Preface to his 0 Articles, p. 1 2. Fuller's Church- Hillory, Book ti. P. 144. t Cyprianus Anglicus, p. 243. $ Defençe of the Royal Martyr again(' Ludlow, p. 161. 11 Inair. L;5. i. Cap. S. Seét. 28. Tertio, Servis, & its qui fub äliorum degerent imperio, quietis Diem indulgendum cenfui, quo aliquem haberent a Labore Remi /onem. ln(tit. Lib. 2. Cap. S. Sea. 34. Crafs4, Carnalique Sab- botifmi Superflittione, Ter, Judeos feeperant. K Neal,