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28 Mr. N E A L'S IV V01. of the ' in this His Majeftie's. Journey ; with a mat thankful Acknowledgement, are moft earneftly and humbly to entreat His Sacred Majefl-ie, to ' accept of this their voluntary Offer of are Taxa- tion to be impofed, collected, and payed to His ' Gracious Majeftie, in Manner, and at the Tearms following. * Alf 9. ' His Majeftie being now prefent in ' His Royal Perlon, within this Kingdom, and having, by God's Grace, Favour, and Bleffing, .' and with the general Acclamation, Joy, and Comfort of His Subjects, accepted the Crown thereof, wherein he is glorioufly inaugurate ; ' and now holding the firff Parliament of His whole Eftates of the Paid Kingdom, &c. There- ' fore His Majeftie, with confent of the three E- ftates, &c. bath ftatute, ena6ted, and ordained, &c.' And Sir Roger Manley informs us; -j- ' That the King had heap'd fo many Graces upon them, upon his being in Scotland, having refufed them nothing that they had demanded of him, that ' their parliament taken with fo great Indulgence, had decreed, That if any whofoever fhould levy Men, or take up Arms, upon any Pretence whatfoever, except by the King's exprefs Order, fhould be guilty of damnable Treafon. Nay, they profefs farther upon Oath, That in cafe the ' King's Perfon fnould at any time be endangered, they would defend His Majefty's Caufe and Ho- ' pour, as they were in Duty bound, with their ' Lives and Fortunes.' Neal, p. 25o. This Declaration [for Sports.] re- vived the Controverfy of the Morality of the Sabbath, which had fiept for many Years.. Mr. Theophilus Brabourn, a Suffolk Miner, had publi/hed in the 76íd. p. 493. j- Hiftory of the Rebellion of England, p. 64, 6y. rear