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13 2% . Vlr. N.E.ALs IId Vol. of tIe our) he brake down Chrift, and left the Devil ftanding? heanfwer'd, He had an Order to take down Chrift, but had no Order to take down the ' Devil, Whereby was underftood, that thofe ',plotting Brethren did mean, when, they fet up King fefus, to pull down Chrift. This Richard Calmer, whowas commonly call'd in Kent, Blue Dick of 'Thanet, becaufe he wore Blue in oppofi -. ' tion to Black, which hehated, lived feveral Years after but dying (but when I know not) was bu- ried in the Parith-Church of Monkton in the faid Ifle of L'haret.' If we add to this, Mr. Wharton's CharaEter of him, in his Note upon Archbifhop Laud's Trial and Troubles (p. 344.) we thall fee what fmall Reafon Mr. Neal had to defend" him. This Mr. Calmer (fays he) not only pifs'd in the Church of Canterbury, but alfo demolithed the ' noble Glafs-Windows of it, with his ownhands. ' The like he did in the Parifh- Church of Minfter in' hanet, which Benefice he ufurp'd during the Rebellion. I have had more partictnlar Oppor- tunities of being inform'd concerning him, of ' many now alive, who knew him well, and upon the whole, I think him one of the greatefl. Vil- lains in the three Kingdoms. H. W.' We meet with a very bad Chara6ter of this Cal- mer, from the Reverend Mr. Lewis of Margate in Kent, in Dr. Calamy's Continuation of ejet7ed Mini- fiers, (p. 554.) andy but a flender Defence of him by the Do6tor ; who would have defended him fure in a better manner, had he deferv'd it. Neal, Ibid. Mr. Thomas Wilfon of dtham, be- ing fent for to Lambeth, and ask' d, whether he had read the Book of Sports in bis Church, anfwer'd no; whereupon the Arcbbi/hop replied immediately, IJaf pendyou for ever from your Office and Benefice, till you °e.. íl it ; and fo he continued four Years, being cited.