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Hillary ofthe Puritans, èxamzn'd. ` r 3 3 / cited into the High Comm on, and articled againft for the fame Crime. The Archbifhop inanfwer to this, fays, * That his Livings being fequefter'd almoft four Years, was not,for not reading this Book ; for himfelfcon- fefíes it was done in the High Commiflìon, and that for Dilapidations,innot repairing his Houle.' Neal, p. 253. The Reverend and Learned Mr. Laurence Snelling, Recîor of Paul's Cray, was not only fifpended by the High Common at Lambeth, for four Tears, but deprived and excommunicated for not reading the Declaration. In the Sentence in the High Common againft Mr. Snelling, it is faid, t ' That within the time articulate, he hath diverfe times omitted to read the Litany, and fome other parts of Divine Ser- vice, and to wear the Surplice : and further, that he hath not bowed his Body, nor made any Cor- poral Obeyfance at the reading, or hearing read the Blelied Name of our Saviour 7efus.' And the Archbifhop obferves, t ' That what was done againft this Man, was openly in the High-Corn- ' million Court, where he was cenfur'd for other Things as well as this and that himfelf confefs'd ' his own Refufal to bow at the Name of refus, tho' the Canon of the Church commands it That he kept him off from being fentenced a long time, and when he was fentenced, he confefs'd the Archbifhop was not prefent.' Neal, Ibid. In the Prayer for the Fifth of No- vember were thefe Words, " Root out that Anti- " chriftian and Babylonifh Seat, whichfay of feru- falem, Down with it even to the Ground ; cut off 6' thofe Workers of Iniquity ; whofe Religion is Rebel- 6' lion; whofe Faith is Faction ; whofe Practice is * Trial and Troubles, p. 344 Rufhwprth, Vol. II. Part II, p. 4Gá. Trial and Troubles, p. 344. K 3 " mur-