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,i?ory ofthe Puritans, examin'd. 13 5 he tells us, ' That it is a pious Cuftomof force, to bow the Knee, and worfhip, whenever they hear thofe `Words of Sr. 7chn, The Word was made F'efh ; and we cannot, nor ought not to fay, they worfhip the bare Words, but the Perfon fignifed thereby.' Mr. Durel, in his Review of the Go- vernment of the Reformed Churches . (p. 34.) in- forms us, ' That the Churches of Lithuania, and Polonia, where they wear their Hats at Sermon, always put them off at the Name of 7efus ; and the Women, if fitting, bow down their Heads ; ' and if they ftand, they make a Curtefy. The Reformed Churches of Bremen do the like, and ' the fame Reverence was made ufe of by a great many in the Palatinate, rho' not by all, as appears by the Palfgrave's Declaration at Lc,udun 1637. And for a further Defence of the Churches Prac- tice, I refer to the Authorities cited in the Margin? Neal, Ibid. It appear'd to them very Sztpezf itious, as if Worfhip was to be paid to a Name, or the Name of Jefus, more than to that ofChrift or Immanuel. ± Mr. Bingham has fully anfwer'd this: ' Some ask us (flays he) why the Church enjoins bowing at the Name of 7efus, and not as well at the Name of Chrift, or God, or the Holy Ghoft, To which I anfwer, if there were no other Reafon to be given for this, but only the Cuftom of the Church of God, that were fufficient in this ' Cafe: But if we look to the ñrft Rife and Ori- ginal of the Cuftom, a much more rational Ac- count may be given of the Reafon of this diffe- * Canon 18. 1603. Injunaion 52d of Queen Elizabeth. Hooker's Polity, Book v. S'E}. 3o. Stillingßeèt's Unreafonablenefs of Separation, zd Vol. of his Works, Folio, p 633, 634., 635. -F Bingham's French Churches Apology for the Church of Englated, p. 2.77. K 4 s rente,