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y ..Mr. N E A L'S IIa Vol. of the ie murdering both Soul and Body ;" which in the laft Edition are thus changed: " Root out the Anti- " chriitian and Babylonifh Sed of them, which fay K of Jerufalem, Down with it, cut off thofe Workers u of Iniquity, who turn Religion into Rebellion, &c," This ObjecîionMr. Neal is fo fond of,that he has thought it worth repeating in a late * Sermon at Salter's -Hall, againit Popery. And admitting the Alteration to be as he has given it us, (in which the Author he quotes will by no means bear him out ; Mr. Pryn in the Place referr'd to, faying no more than this, t ' That he alter'd, and purg'd the Book for Gunpowder Treafon, and the Publicly Fait, in favour of Papifis,' without initancing in particulars ;) fo Ihort-lighted am I, that I can't find the Alteration to be fo conlderable, as reafon- ably to have occafioned fo great an Outcry from Mr. Neal. And the Archbifhop has fully clear'd himfelf in this particular, by informingus, II ' That the Alterationswere made either by the King him- $ felf, or fome other about him, when he was not at Court.' Neal, p. 255. the Puritans always excepted againfi bowing at the Name of Jefus. And what if they did ? The Foreign Reformers, feveral of them, allow'd of it, and gave their Rea- fons for fo doing. The learned $ Zanchy differ'cl much from our Puritans in this refpe&. And Peter Martyr fays a Thing, that will juftify it,_For t Mr. Daniel Neal.'s Sermon, Pan. 23, 1734-5. entitled, The .Supremacy of St. Peter, and the Bishops of l omne, considered. p. o. - Pryn's Canterbury's Doom, p. !I:. 11 Troubles and Trial, p. 357. Zanchii Corn. in Philip. n. to. To. 6. Op. p. 1,8. Ape hint non dubito, quin profetlafit ilia ..4ntiquifma Cc a ruetudo' in Ecclefiis, ut tuna nominatur Jefus, mines aperiant Caput in j'efiimonium Reverentia, t Adoratienis. ** Bingham's French Churches Apology, p. 270.