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Y q.o Mr. N E A L's IId Vol. of the, the Holy Eucharift, upon any Opinion of the Corporal Pretence of Jefus Chrift on the Hole Table, or the Myftical Elements ; but only for the Advancement of God's Majefty, and to give ' him that Honour and Glory, which is due unto 6 him, and no otherwife. And in the Pra6tice or Omiffion of this Rite, we defire, that the Rule of Charity prefcribed by the Apoftle may be ob- s ferv'd; which is, that they which ufe this Rite,de, fpife not them which ufe it not ; and that they ' who ufe it not, condemn not thofe that ufe it.' This Praice of bowing towards the Eafl, is well defended by feveral of the * Fathers, and forne of the beft of our t Modern Writers. Neal, p. 26o. The LeEturers, or AfternoonPreach- ers, giving his Grace force durbance; the King font the following lnjunaions to the B/hops ofhis Province ;, eft, That they ordain no Clergyman without a Pre- fentation to forne Living ; or 2. Without a Certificate, that he is provided of fame void Church ; or 3. With- out fume Place in a Cathedral or Collegiate Church ; or 4. Unlefs he be Fellowofforce College ; or 5. AMa- iler of Arts of five Years (landing, living at his own Charge ; or 6. Without the Intention of the B(hop to provide for him. Thefe are all Canonical Qualifications requir'd by Tiie 33d Canon of 1603. ' We do ordain, that henceforth no Perfon fhall be admitted into Sacred Orders, except he íhall at that time exhibit to the Bithop, of whom he defireth Iiipofìtion of Clemens 4lexandrin. Stromat. Lib. 7. p. 80. Tertullian. Apologct. cap. xvi. Augufin. de Sermone Domini in Monte, Lib. 7. cap. V. Epiphan. Hse ef. Lib. I. cap. xix. Dr. Boys upon the Epiphany, Work,, p. 631. Merle on Pfalm cxxxu. 7. Diatrib. Part. 4. p. 2.64. Ed. z. 4to. Serra. on Ecclef. i, s. Gregory's Works, Part z. p. 73. in Zach. vi. i z. Thorndike's Religious Allèmblies, p. 2.31. Stillingfleet's. F.cclefiattical Cafes, Works, Vol. III. p. 710. i4'7 eatiey's Rational l!luaration, Folio, p, 91. Hands,