Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Waryof thePuritans, ex°amiñ'd. 14 Hands, a Prefentation of himfelf to come Eccle- R fiaflical Preferment, then void in that Diocefe ; ' or (hall bring to the faid Bithop a true Certificate, that either he is provided of fome Church within the faid Diocefe, where he may attend the Care ' of Souls, or fome Minifter's Place vacant, either in the Cathedral Church of that Diocefe, or in fome other Collegiate Church, therein alfo au- ' ate, where he may execute his Miniftry ; or that ' a Fellow, or in Right as a Fellow, or to be Conduct or Chaplain in fome College in Cam- ' bridge or Oxford; or except he be Matter of Arts ' of five Years ftanding, that liveth of his own Charge in either of the Univerfities ; or except by the Bithop himfelf that doth ordain him Mi- nifter, he (hall be thortlyadmitted either to fome Benefice orCuratefhipthenvoid.And ifany Bithop (hall admit any Perfon into the Miniftry, that bath none of thefe Titles, as is aforefaid ; then he (hall keep or maintain him with all Things ne- ceffary till he do prefer him to force Ecclefiaftical Living. And if the faid Bifhop (hall refufe fo to do, he shall be fufpended by the Archbifhop, be- ' ing affifted with another Bithop, fromgivingOr. ders by the fpaceof a Year.' So that it is plain, that none of thefe Injunctions were new ; but only an Enforcement of the Canon. Neal, Ibid. By virtue of thefe Injuntlions, no Chaplainfhip to a Nobleman's Family, nor any Invi- tation to a Le3ure, could qualify a Perfon for Ordi- nation without a Living. It was not by virtue of thefe Injunions only, but by virtue of the Canon ; in which, neither of thefe are mer ion'd as Qualifications for Orders. And it appears plain from the Words of the Ca- non, that ifa Bithophad ordain'd upon fuch a Title, he muff have provided for the Perron fo ordain'd, or