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6 Mr. NEAL'S Ih Vol. of the Magiftrates with the Cenfures ofthe Church, and ' were with difficulty ftay'd from proceeding in 6 their Excommunications againft them.' In * the Year 1583, the King by the help of Colonel Stuart, Captain of the Guard, got free from their Reftraint, and publifh'd his Declara- tion, touching the Attempt at Ruthven. ± For which Earl Gowry and others were executed. And the Confpiracy of Earl Gowry, (the Son of the Earl beheaded) to take away the King's Life, tho' it has been called in queftion by fome, yet [ Bifhop Spotfwoodand Mr. Camden, I think, have fo fir cleared that Point, that any unprejudic'd Perfon might be fatisfied, by referring to their Authori-y. But left it fhould not fuffice for the ConviCtion of Mr. Neal, I beg leave toadd an Au- thority or Lwo, which he will not be able to gain- fay. We are told by Dr. Plume, in the Life of Bithop Racket, ' That the Bithop preached before King games upon theGowries Confpiracy, flugufl 5. s And tho' forne People had denied the Treafon, yet this good Bifhop was affured, that Bifhop Andrews once fell down upon his Knees before g King James, and befought his Majefty to fpare his cuftomary Pains upon that Day, that he might not mock God, unlefs the Thing were 4 true. The King replied, thofe People were a much to blame, whowould never believe a Trea- fon, unle`> :heir Prince were a&ually murdered, s But did affure him in the Faith of a Chriftian, ' and upon the Word of a King, their treafonable Attempt againft him was too true.' To which we * Spotfwood's Hiftory, p. 32p, 326. Spotfwood, P. 332, 333 ,l Spotfwood's Hiftory, p. 459, 00. Camden's Elizabeth, p. 59o. Bithop Hacket's Ljk, printed before his Sermons, p. 8. may