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Hifory of the Puritans, examin'd. In * the Year 1582, rthe 23d of Augufi, the King was feiz'd at Ruthven by fome of the Nobili- ty, who carried him to Halyrood Houfe, the begin- ning of OEáober, knowing that the People of Edin- burgh favour'd their Enterprize ; as appear'd by the Triumph they made, -f- fingíng as they went up the Street, the i 24th Pfaim, Now Ifrael may fay, &c. To which Alexander Petrie (a Bigot to Presbytery) adds, it ' That he heard force credible Perfons (which were there at that time) fay, that they added after the Pfalm, Now bath God deliveredus, from the Devil, the Duke, and all his Men. This Attempt at Ruthven, was juftified by ' the Affembly, and declared to be of good fer- vice. Whilít the King lay under Conítraint, two ' Ambaífadors came from France; Monfieur La Motte, and Monfieur Menevil, to folicite his Re- ' leafe; againít whom ** the Minifters of Edits- ' burgh, exclaimed bitterly in their Sermons.' And ±-1-- when the Magiftrates at Edinburgh,at the King's Command, were;defirous offeafting the Ambaffadors before their return to France; ' To hinder this, the Miniílers the Sunday before, proclaim'd a Fait to be kept the Tame Day ; and to detain the People at Church, the three Ordinary Preachers, one after another, made a Sermon at St. Giles's Church, thund'ring Curies againft the Magiftrates and o- ther Noblemen, that waited upon the Ambaífa- ' dors by the King's Direction. And when the Ambaflador.s were return'd, they perfecuted the * Spetfreood's Hiftory, p. 310. Camden's Elizabeth, p. 2.7g. Bithop Bramhall's Fair Warning, p. =6. Spotjwood's Hiftory, p. 310. Alexander Petrie's Compendious Hiftory, p. 431. ** spotJwood, p. 324. ff Id. Ib. Fieylin'sHifìory of the Presbyterians, p. 3r I. 3i thon Bramhall's Fair Warning, p. 14. Alexander Istrie, P. 443. S; Magi